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Study Abroad Packing List: Summer Semester in Europe

Be Comfortable, Whilst Remaining Stylish. Try Europe on, it Will Look Good on You!

Creating your study abroad packing list can be overwhelming especially when you’re trying to figure out how to pack for Europe in the Summer. Travel Fashion Girl is here to help as you prepare for your exciting semester abroad.

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when planning what to pack for Europe in the summer is that you do not want to dress like a tourist, it is essential to blend in, and you can do this by wearing neutral colours such as black, brown, navy, and tan. However do not sacrifice the clothes you love just because you are in another country, the most important thing is that you are comfortable, whilst remaining stylish. Try Europe on, it will look good on you!

There is no need to mimic the locals’ style, more importantly dress appropriately and neatly for the environment that you will be in, being a student style that resembles the catwalk is certainly not a necessity.

Study Abroad Packing List: Summer Semester in Europe

Cross body bag, preferably leather to ensure your contents stay dry in the event that you may be caught expectantly in the rain. Cross body bags also reduce the weight you have to carry around with you, and increase your security as you have greater access and visibility to the contents of your bag.

Black jeans are great for both style and practicality and can be worn on more than one occasion without needing to be washed. In addition black is also a forgiving colour both with form flattery and dirt.  The neutrality allows you to mix and match with a selection of different tops to create entirely new outfits.

Simple cotton dress is a summer essential. Cotton is a lovely material for summer, as it is light, comfortable and breathable. You can also include one or two cotton skirts, which create a cool feminine look.

Comfortable walking shoes, you’ll need two or three pairs for variation over the course of the summer, which you have worn before and know, are comfortable and durable. Also include at least one pair that is waterproof, preferably a pair of boots to account for all weather elements and walking distances. Since it is summer you may benefit from bringing a single pair of comfortable sandals-not flip-flops.

Sunglasses, you do not want the summer sun and the glare to leave you squinting without eyewear protection.

Capris are versatile and great for multipurpose use, although I prefer black skinny jeans and leggings you may find capris will come in handy during the summer month, stick to a neutral colour such as tan.

A fold up umbrella, these don’t take up much space and they are easy to transport. Be prepared and avoid getting wet!

A waterproof rain coat that is warm and lined to protect you from wind-chill and rain, vital for the cooler, wetter days.

Socks and underwear, this may seem obvious, but you should always pack one or two pairs more than you think you may need to account for emergencies. Try to opt for nude colours to guarantee you can wear them with any outfit.

Lip balm– the change in climate can make your skin dry; you want to ensure you are prepared for this at all time.

A sweater for cooler days or that you can carry around with you if you will be out all day and only returning in the cooler evenings.

A single black blazer, a blazer can instantly smarten an outfit, and you are able to use it with a variety of different outfits to give a chic sophisticated feel to them, depending on what the occasion may be.

And finally a selection of tank tops or blouses, these are the most important element of your student wardrobe as they can be used with skirts, leggings and jeans to create multiple looks.

Try to build your wardrobe around a single colour scheme, this will ensure you have more variation when you mix and match and will allow you to include a few items with the latest trend prints or to give your look a pop of colour.

The best thing about packing for study abroad in the summer is that you are able to pack clothes that are not as bulky as the winter month, allowing you to be able to pack a greater amount of thin clothes that are lightweight, try to pick fabrics that dry easily and use packing cubes to maximize space.

Finally you can always make your outfit reflect your own individual style by accessorizing; this can involve a simple necklace or chunky bangles.

Helpful study abroad tips from the USA to Europe:

Get a wheeled bag to make the journey easier from beginning to end.

Make sure you have the correct adapters plugs for your electronics, as you are changing them from USA to Europe.

Travel guides and European guidebooks are a great source of information and will undoubtedly be beneficial to you.

Beware of pickpockets in the summer that pry on unsuspecting tourists. They are found in every country, just use common sense and keep an eye on your belongings at all times.

Be respectful of the different cultures and customs in Europe. Culture, food and customs vary from the USA and respect will go a long way.

Knowing simple greetings and phrases are important and will show an interest in the countries language and customs.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the new experiences. Always remember you are an ambassador for your country 🙂

Follow this simple study abroad packing list and make your summer semester in Europe one to remember!

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Cailyn Cox is a 24 year old South African born fashion and travel enthusiast, who loves dark poetry and bright colours. Passionate about lyrics, art and design, she draws inspiration from her surroundings. She is currently interning at Travel Fashion Girl to bring travelers helpful travel tips directly from Europe.

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