Welcome to the #StudyAbroadBecause Community.

This is a place of positivity, advice, and wanderlust. We celebrate everything that study abroad encompasses.

Please note that #StudyAbroadBecause is a Closed Facebook Group. This means that we will be visible to the public, but only group members will be able to see posts. Anyone can request to join and members may invite others, but new members may only be approved by administrators. All posts will be approved by administrators. Please use your best judgment when inviting college students as new members.


1. This group is only for college students or recent alums who have, are currently or are planning to study abroad.

2. Travel instills a respect for other cultures and communities and it is expected that you will respect each other & the integrity of our community. #StudyAbroadBecause is a community of student travelers of all ethnicities, racial identities, religions, sexualities, gender expressions, abilities, & more. Posts that target or shame other members of our community will be removed & their posts will be banned.

3. Engage and Share.  All posts should start a conversation.

4. No spam. Spam is: (A) Posts that do not contain a contribution of value to members of the Study Abroad Because community; (B) Posts that promote businesses or lead to a commercial/paid website/blog that is not approved by the owner of this page, College Tourist (C) Posts that are sales pitches; (D) Posts asking members to follow you on social media (general social media follow threads are allowed as long as the initial post does not contain a link to an individual’s social media profile(s), also please do a search before creating these threads — if a thread for a particular platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc) has already been created recently, new ones will be deleted); (E) Posts that are simply a link to a blog or article with no conversation started & no attempt at community engagement.

5.  Members can start a conversation, share an experience, or make a text post relating to a topic & then link to a relevant blog as a comment on that post. Members may also post links to their own blogs or projects in designated weekly sharing threads. In short, all posts must provide value to the #StudyAbroadBecause community. This group is a place for self-expression, community building, & resource sharing.

6. College Tourist can NOT warranty or vouch for any of the travel advice or recommendations in this group. Members must use their own best judgment and do their own research when deciding if member advice holds merit.

7. We have a three-strike policy. The 1st and 2nd time that any of your posts breaks the rules, you’ll be warned and your post will be deleted. The third time, you’ll be removed from the group.

**Posts may be removed at any time without notice.

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