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Summertime Sun in Split

Where To Eat and What To Do In Split, Croatia.

Although I have lived in Europe for 6 years now, I regret that I haven’t explored more of the continent! While I busied myself with exam revision as my second year came to an end, my parents surprised by booking a 4 day trip to Split, Croatia. Split lies along the stunning Dalmatian Coast, with crystal clear waters lapping gently along the coast and the sun beams throughout the day – the perfect summer destination!

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The main attraction of Split is Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and very worthy of this title. It is a beautiful maze of nooks and crannies, with local shops and restaurants scattered along the smooth (and very slippery!) cobbled streets. We spent a couple days only exploring the Palace, it is very picturesque with a warm and cheerful vibe and rich cultural history. It is well worth taking a walking tour of the Palace in addition to walking around by yourself.

There are also many day trips that you can take from Split. Since we were only in Split for four nights, we decided to go to Krka National Park, which is famous for it’s series of 7 waterfalls. Another popular destination is Hvar, however it is a little further away and some prefer to spend the night. Krka was absolutely stunning and well worth the journey, we travelled by car and then took the boat across, where you can fully appreciate the dense forests and clear water. There is a main trail that takes you around the National Park, including some view points where you can climb a little higher for a better view of the waterfalls. The National Park is beautifully preserved, with limited human interference. Finally, as you finish wandering around the park, you are able to swim in the main area by the waterfall to cool off!

Finally, on my last day we visited Bacvice Beach, which is 15 minutes walk away from Diocletian’s Palace. This is one of the only sand beaches in Split, but one of the best beaches I’ve been to in my life! The sand is not artificial, but soft and powdery and the water is so clear! You can even see the fish on the ocean floor and I could stand up to my neck in the water and still see my feet. It is truly the best place to relax and unwind.

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My family and I notorious foodies, so naturally I have to include an extensive food list as a part of this post! Split is a seaside city and as a seafood lover, I was truly in paradise.

Dvor was 30 minutes by foot from Diocletian’s Palace and was tucked away on a side street.  Their food was phenomenal and creative, serving dishes such as fresh shrimp with prawn shell powder and the most tender octopus I have ever had – you could cut it with the side of your spoon. However, the best part was the view, the restaurant is elevated and faces the sea, where we got to watch the sunset.

Konoba Marjan was a truly unique experience! At first, when we arrived a few minutes early for our reservation, we were told that we could be seated, but we would have to wait 10 minutes for our waiter to be ready. Konoba Marjan only has one waiter (therefore the wait!) and staggers their reservations, so that he is able to give all his attention to the guests who arrive. After explaining the menu, he presents a huge platter of various fresh seafood, explaining the quality and type of seafood that they are able to serve that day, fresh from the market. The seafood was prepared in the simplest ways, but the quality and freshness made the dish taste delicious.

Villa Spiza seats less than 20 people and presents you with a handwritten menu in an informal, but bustling environment. The food is so affordable, but is absolutely to die for! We were warned that the queues start very early, so we arrived at 6pm and still had to wait for 30 minutes to be seated. By the time we left, the queue time was over an hour long, but this did not stop eager guests from waiting on the bench outside.

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O’zlata has friendly staff who eagerly explained the history of the restaurant. The logo of the restaurant is the family crest of the family who used to reside in the area the restaurant is built in, some of the remains of the house still stand in perfect condition. We enjoyed a flavoursome seafood linguine and scallops in the courtyard of the house, with curious tourists peeking in to admire the remains of the house.

Oš kolač is an adorable cafe and patisserie with a wide selection of cakes. Their most popular cake is their millefeuille with fresh cream (which is definitely to die for!). They also offer beverages, including ice tea that is served in a lightbulb glass. This cafe is the perfect place to stop by for a sweet treat and sugar boost before you continue exploring Split.

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Summertime Fun In Split, Croatia

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