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Sunday Funday Instagram Challenge #CollegeTouristBlue

This week College Tourist explored the shades of blues from around the world. From skies, oceans, islands, camels, dyed fountains and gondolas.

Next week we’re featuring Castles from around the world.  To be featured #CollegeTouristCastle


@alexisleialoha drifts throught the blue canals of Copenhagen

Angela 2

People watching at the Copenhagen aquarium with @angeserednicki

Anna 2

The blue waters of the Aran Islands @annamjonas

Ashley M 2

More perfect than the imagination Aegina Island @ashleymungi

Ashley M

Blue paradise in Santorini @ashleymungi


Blue and green Venice @ashleyulbrich


@creatricemondial Enjoying a South Florida morning walk beside the blue atlantic


Beautiful blues of Hvar, Coratia @hmcintyre12

Jaclynlee 2

@jaclynleeschwartz Saoking in the blue Israeli sky


@jaimmm33 Enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico

Jess T 2

Well hello there @jltatham

Jess T

Ready for a dip with @jltatham



NYC in a wake of blue @marchubz


Shutters and scooters @not_monroe


Blue and white in Santorini @miarosexo

mickloo 3

@miko.loo Olympic stadium Beijing


The blue blue waters of Santorini @_hot_tamolly_

niki 3



Gentle waves of blue, Costa Rica @sierrakay_writer


@sydneyalonso_ missing the Amalfi coast.

t8sout 2

@t8sout4theboyz Trekking via Camel


Ocean Beach Blue @timpaniporshay


Blues of Mykanos with @toridanforth

Karla 3

Bluest of fountains, St Louis @notkarla


Blue and Gold at the Palace, London @whitneymerisa

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