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The 7 Deadly Sins of Study Abroad

Indulge Now. Ask for Forgiveness Later.

We’ve been over the Ten Commandments of Study Abroad. We’ve been over the Ten Commandments of Packing. However, some rules were meant to be broken.  Nobody’s perfect. It’s that simple. We all have our vices and are prone to succumb to them from time to time. Sinning is a part of human nature.

Study abroad is a rich experience full of temptations. Just browsing through our instagram page has me lusting over places I’ve never been to and envying my fellow writers. As I said, I’m human. Nothing to be ashamed of here. So why not give into a few vices of your own during your next trip? Here’s how:

Greed: We get it. Study abroad can be a little expensive, but there’s no shame in being greedy abroad your expenses. For many, study abroad is a once in a life time opportunity. It’s best to make that opportunity count. Go ahead and splurge on adventures and trips abroad. Is sky-diving a little out of your budget? Maybe. Are you going to remember the experience forever? Definitely. Budgets are important, but don’t be afraid to splurge and spend.

Horses on the beach

Experiences like this are priceless. Go ahead and spend away.

Lust: What happens abroad stays abroad, am I right? With so many cultural cuties around, who can resist the opportunity for a hot hookup? There’s something so sexy about the idea of hooking up with someone abroad. I haven’t one it, but I’m not ruling it out. I’m not ashamed to admit it crosses my mind from time to time. Just think about it…that language barrier means you have to find some other means of communication if you catch my drift. That leads to quite a fun scenario. Perhaps you can find a french beau to teach you more than just a few phrases in french. Look no further for inspiration than this hilarious sketch from the ladies of SNL and Anna Kendrick. They get it:

Gluttony: You won’t find the food you enjoy abroad back home in your average campus dining hall. (If you do, tell me where you go, and I’ll transfer!). In America, we’re known for our hot dogs and greasy food. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the world is filled with rich cuisine. One of the best parts of being abroad is indulging in all the delicious dining options. Let your inner glutton run free as you sample pasta in Italy, fish and chips in Ireland, or escargot in France. You can’t beat the real thing, so you might as well try it all while you can. The chains and knock offs back home aren’t going to cut it or compare. So what if you gain a few pounds? The food is totally worth it.

The Tree House Hostel Pizza

Mmmm, food as delicious as this is worth the splurge

Sloth: The Spanish are known for their siestas. Take a note from them. Here at College Tourist, we do encourage you that you “gotta get out more.” However, all that traveling can take a toll on your from time to time. You’re totally allowed to kick back every once and awhile. If you’ve found a beautiful hostel to stay in, you should take time to relax and enjoy it. Relax and spend the day in bed watching a Spanish telenovela or foreign film. Maybe plant yourself at the pub for a while as you take in a few hours of the world cup. The world doesn’t stop moving, but you are allowed to. You can take in the sites once you’re well-rested.

Cliffs of Moher

No shame in resting and enjoying the view

Wrath: This one is a bit tricky to justify, but bear with me for a moment here. Let’s consider wrath in the perspective of being assertive and standing your ground. It’s a shame, but sometimes locals will try to take advantage of foreign travelers because they think we don’t know any better. Don’t let them think you’re naive and easy prey for a scam. Stand your ground and be assertive. Now, I’m not saying throw some punches and start screaming. That’s a bit intense, but do know when to speak up if you think you’re in danger or being cheated in some way. You’ve gotta have your wits about you and know how to handle yourself. Let your feisty side through if you have to. Wrath does not have to involve violence. It can just be a matter of standing strong.

Tourist Costume

Don’t let merchants think you’re a naive tourist

Pride: Share. Share. Share. How else will the people back home know how much fun you’re having? Whether it’s via instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter, or tumblr, you have plenty of options for sharing. Don’t be ashamed to boast about your adventures. Take pride in the time you’re spending abroad. You won’t be abroad forever, so you might as well capture every great moment. Which leads us to the next sin…

College Tourist

Take pride in being a College Tourist

Envy: We live in a culture of sharing, as noted above. Chances are you’re not the only one abroad. It’s totally okay to be jealous of your friends who are abroad too. Looks like their pride is working. Use this envy as inspiration! Channel those feelings into planning your next destination abroad or your holiday break. You can make up for it by taking the time to ask them about their trip and learning about their experiences as well.

Sydney Opera House

You can’t help but envy a view like this

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Courtney Guth is a senior English major at the University of Maryland College Park actively seeking an answer to the age-old question, “so what are you going to do with that?” Her answer currently involves working in communications and development for a small non-profit in Washington, D.C. If she’s not exploring the nation’s capital, she’s probably watching an old movie, attempting to cook, or losing her voice at a Maryland Terrapins’ game. She believes the adage that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page” but why just read when you can write?

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