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The Best Travel Advice from Students Who Travel

The best travel advice I’ve ever received was to live out each day like you want to, not what your friends are doing or what the guidebooks tell you. At the end of the day, it’s your story to write, and traveling is what you make of it.  Here’s a picture of Galway – one of my favorite spots in Ireland. – Mary Sheehan


My travel advice would be to say yes to new experiences as often as possible, If you’re given the opportunity to see something new, try a new food, etc. just say YES when the opportunity presents itself. It may not be what you originally had planned, but some of my favorite memories come from spur of the moment decisions.  – Alex Brookhart.


My favorite travel advice is to just wander. We have a verb in Spain, “ramblear”, that literally means to just wander around by walking. I think this is the absolute best way to experience a city’s true culture and charm. You’ll be able to see where the locals eat/shop and get a feel for the true heart of a place away from the typical tourist attractions. Alyssa Benson


Splurge when necessary. Typically, I am looking for every discount and deal I can while traveling, whether it be for plane tickets or hostel rooms (the usual for traveling college kids). However, I like to have a cheat day every once and awhile and treat myself. It helps break up the Ryanair flights and lack of comfort that traveling on a budget can bring. But make sure it’s worth it. Most of mine are on food, this one is in London at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants. Trent Broeckel


Don’t say no. Whether it’s to a new dish, a trip, or a Spanish family get-together. Majority if not all the time, you will be glad that you partook in that experience. Sage Larson


Do things outside of your comfort zone. If you’re traveling without pushing some of those boundaries you’re missing out on a lot! (I’m terrified of heights, this photo doesn’t do the height of that dock justice and it took me 5 min of pacing back and forth to actually jump ???? but it was worth it!) Margot Pollard


My travel advice: every day has the potential to be special if you try hard enough! There’s no reason to wait for holidays to celebrate– every day is special in some way! Traveling helped me to realize the beauty in even the simplest of days. Kristen Dalli



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