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The Best Travel Companions

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have along for the journey.

Wherever you plan on visiting it’s going to be an adventure to remember. Yes, all the new places you see and exciting things you try will be the stories you come back to share, but there’s one other important souvenir you get for free: Friends. The people you travel with are a large part of your experience abroad.

When looking for good travel companions here’s what I suggest:

The Navigator
These people have an amazing, natural sense of direction. They never seem to get lost, and can remember a route after going through it once. This person can point you in any direction; whether it’s the market you went to a couple days ago or the nearest bathroom they know where it is and how to get there. With this travel partner you’ll always find your way back in no wasted time.

Language Enthusiast
This type of traveler has a genuine interest in the country’s language. They are easy to spot because they always carry a local phrasebook on hand and are the first to try and order in the local language. They are picking up important words and phrases for every place they visit.  This is one of the best types of people to travel with  for obvious reasons.

The Photographer
They may not be an actual photographer, but they make sure they are capturing every moment. They don’t leave unless they’ve double checked they have their camera with a full battery. These are the people that see a couple taking a selfie or a mother and father taking turns for a photo with the kids and asks if they would like them to take the photo for them. You might complain as they ask you to pose for another sweaty, sunburnt photo on top of the hiking trail, but you’ll thank them when you get home and realize how happy you are the pictures exists. Nine out of ten times you use the photos they took of you as your profile pic on Facebook.

The Small Spender
Who said traveling has to be expensive? This person has a natural ability to seek out the most affordable bars, restaurants, and clubs without sacrificing fun. Skip the flashy shopping center and follow this person to the street markets where you’re bound to strike gold. Here you’ll get to experience their bargaining strategies and learn how to do the same. You will be thanking them daily for the great deals they scored for everyone.

The Foodie
Traveling with a food lover is a must. This is the person who is going to lead you to the most unique restaurants and cafes. They’ve followed the right food bloggers and researched all the recommendations you’ll need. Foodie travelers are on a quest to broaden bother their horizons and their pallet. Everyone loves food, so they don’t have a hard time getting you to try the weirdest thing on the menu.

The Light Traveler
This person is all about packing only the essentials. They bring half the amount of clothes you do and usually depend on toiletries provided by the hotels. While you might be anticipating to buy some new clothes for the trip the light traveler doesn’t mind wearing the same pair of shorts three times in one week. They too are amazed by all the souvenirs most people buy, but the best part is there is always room in their bags for you to store a few things.

The Risk Taker
This person is all about letting loose and doing it for the experience. They will be the ones who get you to do all the things that normally make you nervous just thinking about. They somehow talk you into cliff jumping, zip-lining, and maybe even skydiving. They push your limits to try new things, but you’ll be glad they did afterwards. They have this fearless charisma that makes every day of the trip unforgettable.  Plus you already know the photographer snap an action shot of you conquering a fear.

To all of the friends that you travel with, and meet along the way!

Amanda Tempesta

Hofstra University | 6 stories

I’m a senior at Hofstra University, with a double major in Journalism and Rhetoric. Experience is my greatest teacher. Every new place I meet has taught me something different. I’ve left pieces of me around the globe while collecting memories and passport stamps along the way. I have a passion for writing, traveling, photography, social media, music, and green tea. If traveling were free, you’d never see me.

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