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The College Bucket List

Fifteen essentials for the ultimate college experience

By Jessica Hwang, Colgate University

1. Get your photo in the school newspaper

Photobomb a shot of the mascot, casually stroll into the background of a campus photo, strive to do something newsworthy…because everyone needs their 15 minutes.

2. Have a dorm pet

Not saying you should break any rules, but definitely saying that a little study companion is only the best thing ever.

3. Visit a friend at another college

Buy a bus ticket or plan a carpool and get a taste of student life on another campus.  Or have a friend visit you and show off all the best things on campus.

4. Study abroad Skype dates with your friends abroad

Ignore any crazy time differences and get online for late night/early morning hangouts with all your college pals.

5. Road trip!

You just finished with the biggest hell week and your friends and you are ready for a break.  Spend a weekend on the road hitting up local attractions or even just cruising.  If you don’t have a car, Find a friend who does or rent a Zip Car.

road trip dirt road travel image

6. Grab your mattress and have a dorm room sleepover

Because long nights in the library make it easy to forget how fun all nighters really can be.

7. Take a class for no reason

If you have time in your schedule, take a class outside your department, one that sounds interesting, or just flip a coin and see what happens.  You’ll learn something new and who knows what doors it might open for you.

8. Go to class in a costume

Because why not?

9. Crash a party with no one you know

Nothing to do one night? Looking for adventure? Ditch your usual crowd and bring the fun somewhere else.  You might make a new friend or discover new exciting places around campus.

10. Visit the football field at night

Not only can the athletic fields look amazing in the dark, but they can also give you killer views of the night sky.  Take a walk down to an open field and just spend some quiet time in the stands or lying in the grass.

football stadium night colgate university athletics sports stars image

11. Befriend the campus shuttle driver

A good person to be friends with when you’re running late for that morning lecture and chasing down the shuttle that just pulled away.

12. Drive the campus shuttle

And who knows? Maybe the budding new friendship will have some exciting and possibly hush hush perks.  Like taking the official shuttle for a joyride during the slow hours.

13. Wear the mascot’s costume

It’ll be hot, it’ll be stinky, you won’t be paid well, if at all, but you gotta do it once.  Find out how your school recruits mascots or check the employment board.  If you see mascot, jump on that…even if it’s just for a day.

14. Learn a new language

Take a class in a foreign language or get a tutor for a language you’d always thought would be cool to know and you can dazzle all your friends and relatives when you go home for Thanksgiving.



Jessica Hwang

Colgate Univeristy | 6 stories

Jessica is a sophomore studio art major/geology minor at Colgate University in Central New York. She is an inveterate wearer of black, digs free food, and listens to music your dad probably listened to when he was your age. When she's not freezing to death, this New Jersey native can be found doodling, visiting her second home in Shanghai, China, and not studying anything to do with dentistry.

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