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The Gift Guide for the Travelers in Your Life

We’ve all got that person in our lives: the friend who can’t stay in one place, has a fully stamped passport and a wall of future travel destinations. Actually, if you’re an active College Tourist reader then chances are this person is YOU.

But whether it’s for you, your bestie or your gypsy aunt, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for the travelers in your life. (And if you’re the traveler in your friend group, use this guide as your new wish list!)

1. Cord Organizer. We all know what it’s like to reach into your bag for the phone charger and come up with a fist full of tangled up cords.  This cord case is a great solution to eliminate the mess and keep your cords, and your backpack, neatly organized.

2. Passport Cover. For the international traveler, this cover is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors.

3. Luggage Tags. Turn a functional item into a fashion statement and give your bestie this adorable flag inspired luggage tags

4. A Weekender Bag. Whether your friend is roaming the world or taking a two-day holiday, a great weekender bag will always come in handy. And if they look anything like this canvas tote, they’re stylish too.

5. A Portable Charger. Nothing is worse than having a dead phone when you’re abroad. Save your loved ones from the trauma and give them a portable charger, like this one. Note: make sure you know what kind of device your friend uses so you can get them a charger that’s compatible!

6. Journals. Most travelers love to document their journey, so give the traveler in your life a journal so he/she can do just that. You can even give this gift deeper meaning by writing your friend a letter in the front page to wish them well wishes on their travels.

7. Kindle. Traveling leaves an abundance of time to read while in transit, but carrying around tons of books in a small backpack isn’t ideal. With a kindle your traveling friend or family member can still read as much as they want on planes, trains and automobiles without the heavy load.

8. Chaco’s. Durable, lightweight and yet sturdy enough for hiking or simply walking all day. Chaco’s are a travelers best friend.

9. World Map Wall Art. This gift is perfect for the traveler who spends all of his/her non-traveling time dreaming of where to go next. They can hang it in their home and use pins and post-it notes to mark where they’ve traveled to and where they have yet to visit. Check out this one or Etsy for great maps like this one.  For scratch-off fun there is this map from Luckies of London

10. Card holder. This gift is especially great for the ladies who don’t want to carry a big purse with them on their travels. This card holder will keep everything they need for the day neatly organized, and it barely takes up any room.

11. Travel Pack. This gift is for the hikers and backpackers in your family who like to go light on the luggage. Check out the Osprey brand for top quality travel packs.

12. iTunes Gift Card. Load your traveler up with plenty of new music for their next road trip, plane ride or journey by train with a gift card that will always fit their style.

13. High Quality Headphones. A great tag along gift to the iTunes money, headphones are great for travelers who value their alone time while in transit. Check out this pair by Urbanears.

14. Anything from Patagonia. If you really want to make your traveler smile, give them a few new Patagonia staples for their wardrobe. Make sure you ask where they’re heading for their next trip so you can judge what kind of clothing they’ll need for the climate.

15. Travel the World Calendar. Each month’s artwork will take your traveling bestie on a new place around the world with Cavallini Paper’s Vintage Travel the World calendar.

Happy shopping!

Caroline Eaton

Lee University | 11 stories

Caroline is a full-time student, wanderer and writer that believes adventure can be found anywhere, whether you're on the other side of the world or in your own backyard. She celebrates all forms of travel and exploration, and dreams of writing her way across the entire earth. She blogs at thecollegecosmopolitan.com, and you can send a tweet her way at @caro_eaton.

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