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The Magic of Kauai

Have you ever visited somewhere that was so ethereal and unspoiled that your mind couldn’t decipher whether you were experiencing fantasy or reality?

This is how I felt every day, wandering around the unearthly paradise of Kauai.  This dot of land, positioned in the middle of a vast, indigo ocean, is the oldest island within the Hawaiian archipelago. In addition to being worshipped for its maturity, it is also valued for its mysticism.

A kind local explained to my friend and I that Kauai is a very sacred place. He spoke of the island as if it were a living, breathing and feeling being. He explained that if we respected and loved the island, it would respect and love us in return.

From our first day to our last day, the spirituality of the island was palpable. We found infinite tranquility and bliss as we explored the picturesque beaches, cliffs and waterfalls, all abundant phenomena within Kauai. The beaches we discovered on our exploits included Secrets, Hideaways and Hanalei Bay, all located on the North Shore. Each beach had a distinctive blend of jungle and coastline, creating their own unique ambiance.

After relaxing seaside, we indulged in the more adventurous activities that the island offers. The Na Pali Coast, in particular, hosts one of the most audacious and serene hikes on Earth. Though we did not come prepared to complete the legendary, 22 mile hike, we trekked four miles along the same trail, referred to as Kalalau. The hike was mildly difficult, hosting several treacherous inclines. However, the landscape along the entire journey was stunning, including the small, rocky beach located two miles into the trail.

In addition to the Kalalau trail, we hiked a short but muddy path down to Wailua Falls. The journey to the bottom of the waterfall was no easy feat. We grappled with the thin rope that aided courageous individuals in their perilous descent down the cliff. The liability became worth it once we stood, paralyzed, in awe of the powerful cascade of water and the vibrant, mystical rainbow it created.

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Our time in Kauai left me enamored. The unparalleled landscapes were surreal, leaving my friend and I wondering whether we were still on planet Earth. We questioned whether the flight we boarded from Los Angeles to Lihue was actually a covert, supernatural passage to Neverland, the mythical isle that perpetuates eternal youth and adventure. If you plan to visit Kauai, bring everything you need.  There is a good chance that you might just end up staying, absorbing the infinite magic of the island for eternity.

The Magic Of Kauai


Meghan Loughery

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Meghan is a twenty something nomad, writer, vegan foodie, Harry Potter fanatic, coffee connoisseur and nature lover. She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but sold most of her material items in order to fund her travels through fifteen different countries and countless regions in the USA. In the summer of 2016 she lived in Barcelona, Spain while completing a journalism internship. Now, she is moving to Kauai to focus on writing and photography. To keep up with Meghan's plant-based, vagabond lifestyle, you can subscribe to her blog ( or follow her Instagram (@meghanloughery).

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  1. Cathe O'Neill says:

    Hi,I travelled to Spain in college for a semester and honeymooned in Kauai for quite a while. Fell in love with it. Felt like I should have never left. I have never been the same after leaving.

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