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The Tech to Take: Which Devices Should you Take on your Study Abroad Program

 Tech Items for Study Abroad.

When you’re planning and packing for your study abroad trip there are tech items that you know you definitely need, such as your lap top.  But deciding what other techy gadgets you should schlep across the globe can give you pause.  Can you live without it, do you need it, will it work, what if you lose it?  Here is College Tourist’s definitive guide to the tech tools to take while on study abroad.

Laptop.  While this is a no brainer, a small laptop will make your life so much easier while traveling.  There is a ton of power packed into lightweight computers these days.  The Macbook Pro (4.5lbs) and Samsung Ativ Pro (3.3lbs) are great lightweight choices.  We love that the Ativ Pro screen detaches to become a tablet.

Smartphone.  How did we all live before the Smartphone? With built in GPS, translator apps, weather and tourist info all in one small hand held, plus the ability to store your favorite music, you can cover so many of your electronic needs in one small package.  The key point is to choose great apps such as TripAdvisor and Google Translate. Secondly, make sure your plan will cover you in another country without breaking the bank.

Small eReader A must have for all those train trips to the coast or short flights to that medieval city for the weekend. Who wants to be packing the latest great read and a tourist guide into your backpack?  Load this space-saver with several books you plan to read before you even leave home and you’ll be well prepared for any down time.

Universal adapter.  All these electronics will need to be charged.  Bringing along a small universal adapter ensures that you can plug in your devices no matter which country you visit.

Solar charger. It can sometimes be tricky to find a power source while the battery on your phone is dying fast.  The XTG Solar Battery/Charger can provide up to 50% charge for small devices such as your phone or e-Reader or iPod.

Underwater Camera. This is really an added extra.  Using your phone’s camera is one way to travel light but a relatively cheap camera that can capture some of the more fun moments, like snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, will give you some great memory keepers.

Cables. This is obvious, but don’t forget that you can often use the same cable to charge several devices.  Pare down where you can by using one cable to charge several items over time.

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