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Tips to Make You Feel at Home When Traveling For A Long Time.

Just because you are away from home does not mean that you cannot continue doing what you love doing from home.

Personalize your space and make it cozyBring some pictures of your home, family, your dog, friends from home, and decorations that will bring you back into memories with you wherever you go. Surrounding yourself with the decoration filled with your good moments will comfort you, and make you feel like you are at home. It is also a great idea to decorate your place with some nice candles, small flower decorations, some vintage posters you can get from wherever you are staying. It will help you adjust to your new environment easier and get attached to this setting even more.

Sometimes, take a break from being too touristy and enjoy the local atmosphere and immerse yourself in where you are staying.

Walk around the streets, café, explore the old town, local markets, and see what the people do there and take your time appreciating the place and maybe trying immersing yourself in that place with people surrounded by you. Go to an old coffee shop, find a cup of coffee you like, and sit down, watch people how they talk and interact with others. Listen to the music playing from that café and sometimes, you’ll want to write something, and feel free to do so. Go to the vigorous local market and buy some fresh products, and try cooking a new meal out of it. You’ll be surprised. Those small moments will stick with you and go a long way.

Document Your Stay Through Your Journal, Camera, However You Want.When you look back from the future, it is all memories in the end. Do not take anything for granted, and document the precious moments along your journey. Grab your camera, picture the moments that will freeze the good times you had. Remember to write some journals too. The emotions you felt during the journey and the detailed memories that happened along the way can only be brought back with some ink on your diaries and this will be the greatest souvenir you can ever have for yourself. These ‘fixed’ memories that you can always go back through a small lens or some ink on your papers will be the record of your own history you made.

Go Out of Your Way, Make New Friends, And Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

Having good people can be the most important reason for your great trip. When you are traveling somewhere completely new, whether it is your study abroad or just traveling for a long time or a short time, you might feel like you are alone and you miss being around your people from time to time. Traveling does not only mean you go to the new place you have not been. It will make your travel journey even more unforgettable and special when you meet new people in new places along the journey. When you make friends outside your own country, this can be a huge lesson for you. By sharing your culture, listening to theirs, learning about different histories and lifestyles, they can give you a whole new perspective on life, and present you with very special memories. This can be a bit difficult at first. However, if you choose to step outside the comfort zone and try it out, the decision can be life changing. You never know, that person you sitting right next to you in this random café you visited might end up being one of the most important parts in your memories. Just give it a chance. You’ll be surprised.

Find Something That Will Bring You Back to The Memory from The Place of Your Stay

After your days in this new place is over when you look back, it is all going to be memories that you will miss. During your stay, try developing a sense that will bring you make to this very moment ultimately. Maybe your favorite scent of the coffee you always had on your way to classes or work, your favorite supermarket flowers from the supermarket you always dropped by after a long day, or unique paintings from the street artist from the corner of the streets that you had good conversations with from time to time. Collecting these small things will make you like you are building memories, and this will soothe you more. Later on, this will add on to making yourself feel more cozy and nostalgic.

Pick Your Song of The Day, Explore Without Specific Plans

Sometimes, let yourself loose and follow your heart for the day. Let yourself out from a plan, and be a bit spontaneous and adventurous. Pick your song, and just start strolling down the streets, go on a spontaneous trip to a place you completely do not know. Just wander around without specific plans, and see how that goes. Sometimes, biggest happy memories can be made when you just play it by ear and choose to explore. Have no fear, and catch the train that will take you to this adventure. You will feel alive.

Continue Your Own Small Tradition That You Enjoyed at Home While You’re Away

Just because you are away from home does not mean that you cannot continue doing what you love doing from home. If you cannot spend Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday at home, if would be very fun and memorable if you spend the holiday in a new style. Get creative with it, you can invite your friends over and cook some food that you used to enjoy back home. And your friends can bring over their home meals, and this can create a unique new tradition. If you have a family tradition going to the beach by your home every weekend, try doing that in your new place too. Maybe it will be with new people, on a different beach, with the different air, different view, and different languages are spoken, it will still satisfy you in an amazing way as possible. Do not be afraid that it will not be the same. It might not be the same, but that might be a reason that you remember for your life time. Carry it on in the best way as possible in your new environment, with your new people. This experience will let you create some priceless new traditions.

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