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Top 10 Fashion Capitals of the World

Ready to channel your inner fashionista around the world? These destinations never go out of style… Literally.

Ready to channel your inner fashionista around the world? Grab your high heels and travel in style to one of these fashion-forward destinations. In descending order, here are the top 10 fashion capitals according to research by Global Language Monitor.

10. Shanghai, China
It’s official: Shanghai beat out Tokyo and Hong Kong and is now Asia’s most fashionable city. If you love luxury, you’ll fit right in as the average Shanghai shopper spends more annually than even New Yorkers!

9. Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp earned its title as one of the most fashionable destinations in the world during the 1980s avant-garde movement, making it the perfect place to sport an over-the-top outfit. It’s also home to one of the most esteemed European fashion academies in the world. Study abroad anyone?!

8. Sydney, Australia
Sydney has come a long way since its #15 spot in 2012. The city is the ultimate shopping destination with its many stylish shopping centers and boutiques. However, the best place to pick up a vintage item or a unique piece from an up-and-coming designer is at one of the many outdoor markets.

Sydney fashion image

@emmyloooo in Sydney

7. Berlin, Germany
Situated in the center of Europe, Berlin is home to designers with innovative ideas including environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. The latest trends can be found at Berlin Fashion Week, which takes place in January and July each year.

Berlin fashion image

@emmyloooo in Berlin

6. Rome, Italy
As Milan (#11) attempts to claw its way back to the top, Rome takes the title of the most stylish city in Italy. Fashionistas from around the globe travel to Rome to shop at its many luxury shops including Fendi, Chanel, Versace, and Prada. Most of the top designers can be found along the glamorous Via dei Condotti.

5. Barcelona, Spain
When we think of Barcelona, we usually think of beaches and bikinis. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s the #1 fashion capital for swimwear. This is the perfect place to try out the off-the-shoulder trend, or to wear something a bit flirtier than you usually would– all while sipping sangria, of course!

Barcelona fashion image

@kenzfisher and @whitneymerisa in Barcelona

4. Los Angeles, United States
The phrase “Hollywood glamour” wasn’t created for nothing! From Red Carpet couture to casual chic street style, the West Coast is perfect for anyone who has the ‘cool girl’ look down.

los angeles fashion image

@ricejenna in Los Angeles

3. London, England
London’s bold and colorful style has kept it near the top of the fashion capital list for years. It’s home to classics like Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, but there is no shortage of eclectic markets or unique boutiques either! Designer labels can be found on Bond Street and Mayfair, but Notting Hill, Covent Garden, and Carnaby Street are the best places to look for more affordable, one-of-a-kind finds.

2. Paris, France
Of course, no list of fashion capitals would be complete without Paris. This iconic city is just shy of the top spot, though many would argue it’s #1 in their hearts. Paris is known for their haute couture and sophisticated street style. Definitely throw on something classy before hitting the streets, and leave the tank tops and sneakers at home.

Paris fashion image

@kenzfisher in Paris

1. New York City, United States
As a melting pot full of so many different cultures and styles, New York City reigns at the top of the list. The big apple is notorious for pushing the limits in the fashion industry. Really, almost anything goes! Feel free to be daring with your outfit choices.

new york fashion image

@ricejenna in New York City

Which one of these destinations is the #1 fashion capital in your heart? Share a photo of your best travel outfit on Instagram with #CollegeTourist to be featured on @OfficialCollegeTourist.

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