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Top 10 Restaurants Worthy To Eat At In Florence, Italy

From the authentic Italian food, to the local Panini’s: The best restaurants to eat at during your stay in Florence, Italy.

1. Ristorante La Giostra:

This charming little restaurant is known for their love of food and history. The Hapsburg Lorena family, who were princes in Italy, run the local restaurant. The unique twinkling lights draped along the ceilings make this a very romantic and “homey” place. When one is seated, the waiter brings complimentary Prosecco and antipasti over. A must have is the Pear Ravioli! This is a five star restaurant, so it is pricey but definitely every bite!

2. I Due Fratellini:
For a quick bite to eat, Fratellini is the place to go! This storefront sandwich shop has been open since 1875. A sandwich and a glass of wine can be under 5 euros! This place is perfect for any study abroad student.

 I Due Fratellini Image

3. The Diner:
Ever miss an American breakfast or lunch? The Diner has it all from burgers, milkshakes, pancakes, and even bagels! Whenever I was in need of a traditional sturdy breakfast, I would always come to The Diner. This diner fixes everyone’s cravings of American food.

The Diner Image

4. Aqua Al 2:
Attention steak lovers: this is a must restaurant to eat! Aqua is known for their Filetto al Balsamico, a filet mignon cooked in a balsamic reduction sauce and Filetto al Mirtillo, a filet cooked in a blueberry reduction sauce. Just be careful because the sauces make your teeth purple, but it is definitely worth the taste!

5. Gusta Pizza:
Gusta Pizza is known for the best pizza in Florence! Walking into this small pizza joint, the staff greets every person very enthusiastically. The tables have a glass tops, not sealed for travelers, to slide pieces of papers through with their name, favorite memory, and etcetera. This makes this experience extra memorable. Get the pizza to go, grab some wine, and sit on one of the bridges watching the sunset; it’s impeccable.

GUSTA Pizza Image

6. Ristorante Tijuana:
Need a quick fix of some salsa and tacos? Tijuana, a Mexican restaurant, is located close to the Basilica di Santa Croce and is the perfect place to cure that fix. They even have special frozen drink, my favorite was the Passion Fruit Frozen Margarita! My friends and I would go after a long day of school and grab drinks; they also have free Wi-Fi! Just beware of the service; sometimes they are not as polite as you wish.

Tijuana Passion Fruit Image

7. Trattoria Pizzeria Dante:
When I studied abroad, Dante’s restaurant would give student discounts, a free bottle of wine and a 10 percent discount. This place was great to just get a cheap but good lunch or dinner!

8: All’Antico Vinaio:
This was my favorite sandwich shop of all time! I first heard about it from the television series, The Jersey Shore! I decided to check it out and boy was I happy I did. Sometimes there can be a long line, but it was well worth the wait. Each sandwich is 5 euros. If you do not know what to get, just ask the workers and they will whip you up something amazing!

All’Antico Vinaio Sandwich Image

9. Il Gatto e la Volpe:
Gatto is my all time favorite dinner restaurant. I went there with a big group of my study abroad program and it was amazing. We ordered family style which consisting of: all you can drink wine, antipasti that could feed ten or more people, three types of pastas, and much more! The waiters were super friendly and outgoing, the location was easy to walk to, and the overall atmosphere was lively. Our waiter, Fabio the ladies man, always waved to us when we passed by. I went to Il Gatto e la Volpe four times during my program and every time I would walk out happy and stuffed.

il Gatto e la Volpe Image

10: Secret Bakery:
Should one be coming home after 2 am, follow the smell to the secret bakeries. They are making all of the pastries for the local bakers. Smell your way to the door, knock lightly, and be silent; otherwise the bakers will not open the door. You will find the most delicious chocolate and vanilla pastries for 1 euro! It is heaven.

I would love to hear your comments and if you have been to any of these places please let me know!

Ashley Ulbrich

University of Central Florida | 5 stories

My name is Ashley Ulbrich and I am a senior at the University of Central Florida. My major is Human Communications and my minor is Hospitality Management. I studied abroad my junior year summer, for six weeks, in Florence, Italy. Over the weekends I visited 13 cities and 3 other countries. I had the opportunity to skydive over the Swiss Alps and it was the best experience of my life, it was exhilarating! My next adventure will be traveling to Finland and see the Northern Lights. Other than traveling, I love to work out and eat sushi constantly.

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