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Top 12 Student Travel Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

Ever stumble upon an Instagram account and find yourself having some serious travel envy? These 12 student travel instagram accounts do just that! Here are some of our favorite wanderlust themed feeds, perfect for dreaming about traveling the globe. For more travel inspiration and to get your own travel photos featured, follow @Official CollegeTourist and #CollegeTourist on your best pics.

1. @julia_melina
Julia’s advanced photography skills are undeniable! She’s from Switzerland and currently lives in Vienna, but has traveled from Morocco to Italy and everywhere in between.

A photo posted by (@julia_melina) on

2. @kvdenn
We can’t get enough of Kelsey’s photos from her study abroad experience in China and travels throughout Europe and Asia.

3. @worldlywandering
This Vancouver native is heading to Australia, Asia, and New Zealand soon. If her current feed is any indication of the photos to come, you’ll definitely want to follow along!

4. @kevinrawalsh
Kevin’s professional quality travel photos are always giving us a serious case of wanderlust.

5. @kmhiller527
From Africa to Europe and everywhere in between, Kate’s feed truly inspires!

A photo posted by Kate Hiller (@kmhiller527) on

6. @nikkimckk
We love living vicariously through Nikki’s European adventures.

A photo posted by ⠀⠀nikki. (@nikkimckk) on

7. @emilyfreebery
Emily’s travel account is no joke! From NYC to Europe, she really knows how to capture a moment and filter it perfectly.

8. @hiddencafesalleyways
This eclectic account is perfect for students who love to seek out unique travel spots.

9. @lindsrita
Lindsay is currently studying abroad in Spain and making her way through Europe– and of course she’s posting about it along the way!

A photo posted by Lindsey Zimmerman (@lindsrita) on

10. @_hot_tamolly_
Molly’s colorful feed is full of fun-loving travel shots and foodie posts.

11. @veronique365
Veronica’s travel photos make us swoon over all of the European destinations she’s visited.

A photo posted by Veronica (@veronique365) on

12. @emroseroth
Emily’s student travel inspired feed gives us a serious case of the travel bug.

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A photo posted by Em Roth (@emroseroth) on

Which account is your favorite? Be sure to follow us at @OfficialCollegeTourist and use the hashtag #CollegeTourist for a feature.

TOP 12 Student Travel Instagram Accounts you Need To Follow Now

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  1. Sisley says:

    Loved this! So many great accounts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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