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Top 15 Things to do if You go to UConn

The University of Connecticut is located in the farmland town of Storrs, CT and also comprises about 90% of the population and attractions… This is never an issue though, as the campus and surrounding areas always offer unique experiences for both students and locals.

You won’t find an endless nightlife directory in this college town but you will have unlimited access to petting baby cows, walking beautiful nature trails, and cheering on the best talent in college basketball.

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Best Spring Activity: Diana’s Pool

When the time comes to step out of winter hibernation, head to Diana’s Pool. This part of Natchaug River offers waterfalls and adorable views, and is only a short drive from campus

Best Summer Activity: Mansfield Drive-in Theater and Marketplace

Probably one of the coolest spots near Storrs is the Mansfield Drive-in. Enjoy the flea market and concession while appreciating the sole Connecticut drive-in that plays current movies!

Best Fall/Winter Activity: Horsebarn Hill

New England is know for its Fall foliage and when the leaves start to turn, there’s no better spot to admire them than from the locally beloved Horsebarn Hill. Situated on the edge of campus this hill offers paths to walk and bike as well as the outlets to manning hiking trails. When it gets a little colder, grab your lunch trays and head to the top of the hill for the best slope you can experience without a chairlift.

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Best Outdoor Adventure: Storrs Adventure Park

If you’re looking for a challenge, check out the ropes course at the Adventure Park in Storrs. It has great deals for groups so bring your friends and even try their nighttime climbing and zip lining!

Best Cultural Spot: Benton Museum of Art

This art gallery is placed in the center of campus and regularly displays both old and new pieces. After viewing the free-entry exhibits, you can grab a coffee in the café or check out the gift shop.

Best On Campus Event: Oozeball

This is arguably the most enjoyable event at UConn. Every Spring, hundreds of co-ed teams gear up and enter a huge bracket for mud volleyball. There’s always music, food, and a shot at cash prizes if you can stop laughing long enough to win a whole game.

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Best Bar: Ted’s Restaurant and Bar

The name “Ted” holds a special place in many UConn upperclassmen’s hearts. The bar is set on the edge of campus and regularly holds discount deals and “Nickel Night” every Thursday, where drinks are only 25 cents.

Best Brewery: Willimantic Brewing Company

This is the perfect location for any beer enthusiast and a fun dinner spot for everyone. The commonly dubbed “Willibrew”, is a converted historical theater and the restaurant walls are lined with a neat collection of beer taps.

Best Farmer’s Market: Storrs Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday, May through November, Storrs Farmers’ Market sets up outside Storrs Center. It also occurs at the Mansfield Library during winter months. There is a broad selection of beautiful and fresh produce along with wild flower bouquets, kettle corn, and jams.

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Best Local Breakfast Spot: The Wooden Spoon

This family restaurant is THE perfect destination for Saturday brunch. The meals are diner style, only bigger and better. But be warned, other people know how good this tiny place is and you may be in line before getting inside.

Best Local Dinner Spot: Geno’s Grille

The grille was recently opened in Storrs Center to honor the basketball culture and former coach, Geno Auriemma. This sit down restaurant offers a wide selection of wine and full course meals, as well as a glimpse into UConn history and pride.

Best Entertainment Venue: Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts

Jorgensen is another Storrs gem situated on the UConn campus. It is the venue for numerous concerts and musical performances as well as comedy, dance, and theater shows that occur year round.

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Best Novel Activity: Ron-a-Roll Skating Center

There’s nothing more retro than taking your friends to a rollerblading rink! You can visit here for open skating hours, or even take a class in “rollerdurance”.

Best Spot To Feed Your Sweet Tooth: UConn Dairy Bar

Positioned by the School of Agriculture, Dairy Bar ice cream is made here on location. There’s even an observation window if you want to see how it happens. They offer a huge variety of flavors and also always have fresh farm eggs and cheeses.

Best Sporting Venue: Gampel Pavilion

With out a doubt Storrs and UConn’s best-known landmark. This multipurpose arena is home to the prized UConn basketball teams and is the largest on-campus arena in New England.
15 Things to do if you go to UConn

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