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Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall (on a College Budget!)

Tips for transforming your fashion wardrobe for back to school

Put your favorite flip-flops into storage (or save them for the trip from dorm room to shower) and start mentally preparing yourself: it’s gon’ get chilly. Of course, the seasons changing just gives all of us an excuse to hit the mall and get ourselves a new wardrobe. Unfortunately, for many college students, money can be a bit tight. But that shouldn’t force us to sacrifice fashion! That’s why I’m here to show you just a couple ways to incorporate summer pieces into your fall attire. Good riddance to summer! As a famous ice queen once said, “the cold never bothered me anyway.” Hopefully, you find some inspiration! (Bonus: I am an insane bargain hunter so you can find a lot of these pieces for super cheap.)

Artsy Heartsy


This outfit  is perfect for brunch with a couple of friends. It’s been a particularly hot day so I opted for minimal clothing. On another note, I’ve been really into these sunglasses lately. I enjoy the hippie-dippie Lennon vibe they give off. With the heart print and the retro glasses, I feel like this outfit screams “love child”.




Round Sunglasses (Forever 21) • Gray/Pink Halter (Apostrophe) • Gray Pleated Shorts (Forever 21) • Assorted Jewelry (Gifts / Forever21) • White Flip-flops (Target)


I think everyone who has met me knows I am a notorious lover of hats–this beret specifically being the go-to essential for any of my outfits. The dark undertones will match the upcoming season’s colder days. I’d also like to boast that I bought the knee-high socks for just a dollar at ShopRite. With the extra black pieces in this attire, the look has transformed me into a wannabe beatnik (wannabeatnik?), but I’m digging it. This outfit gives me the confidence to spit some serious bars slam-poet-style.


Black Beret (Target) • Thick-framed Round Sunglasses (Forever 21) • Black Cardigan (H&M) • Gray Skirt (Forever 21) • Knee-high Socks (ShopRite) • Black Mary Janes (Justice – don’t judge)

Simple Elegance


I like this outfit because I feel very elegant and fresh in it, like I can forget the fact that I’m sweating through every inch of my body. Chiffon is always a nice breezy material of choice in the summertime. Additionally, a good pair of sunglasses finish off any look.


Cat-eye Sunglasses (Forever 21) • White Rose Earrings (Claire’s) • Mustard Top (Forever 21) • Printed Shorts (Forever 21) • Ribbon Belt (Children’s Place – again, don’t judge) • Black Flip-flops (Kenneth Cole)


A lot of people think that once it gets cold, you automatically have to put away your skirts and shorts. I don’t really think that’s the case. Once you find yourself a good pair of tights (or even several), you can wear shorts/skirts all year round! Internships, class, brunch: it’s a cute and appropriate for many occasions. Plus, mustard is a color essential for the fall season.


Black Headband (Wet Seal) • White Blazer (H&M) • Tights (H&M) • Brown Boots (Nine West)



Here’s an outfit for those looking for something a little edgier. This snapback is a personal favorite because of its slogan and the way it matches perfectly with my sneakers. CONVERSE ARE A GOOD INVESTMENT. I’ve had this pair for six years now, still going strong. Like fine wine, they are better as they age.


Snapback (Forever 21) • Statement Necklace (Claire’s) • Graphic Shirt (Forever 21) • Pleather Shorts (Forever 21) • Black High-top Sneakers (Converse)


Wow, I must really like fashion to suffer wearing these tights under the sun in 90-degree weather. The beret and chambray shirt add some layers of warmth to the look. I switched out the shorts with a pleather skirt (There is a surprisingly high pleather population in my wardrobe) to make the outfit a bit more feminine to match the wedge boots.


White Knit Beret (Charlotte Russe) • Chambray Shirt • Red Watch (Swatch) • Red Belt (Forever 21) • Pleather Skirt (Forever 21) • Tights (H&M) • Black Boots (Anne Klein)

Transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall - College Tourist

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