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Travel Taught Me Independence.

Our College Tourist Writing Team Tell us what travel Taught Them about Independence.

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Travel has taught me the beauty of independence; not only physical independence but independence from technology. Not having a data plan while abroad has allowed me to continuously live in the moment and start conversations with people instead of just scrolling on my phone. It has provided amazing conversations and countless memories that I would have otherwise been unaware of.  Alyssa Benson

Travel taught me that adventuring independently changes your perspective on the world, and helps to develop courage and and confidence. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.Travel taught me that adventuring independently changes your perspective on the world, and helps to develop courage and confidence. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Mary Sheehan


Travel has taught me not to be afraid to visit places that are out of my comfort zone. I was in Russia when I was 13 and the differences were overwhelming. But learning to enjoy and appreciate those differences got me to be the traveler I am today. Margot Delancey.



This is a photo of me when I went travelling to the South of #Spain with a work colleague in the summer. Although we didn’t know each other that well and there was a language barrier between us, it encouraged me to speak Spanish and form more of a friendship. Having the independence to go with the flow and accept things for what they are is all part of living in the moment, learning your capabilities and becoming more of an adult. Travel has taught me that it’s ok to wander and not know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going or who you’re going to meet because no matter where you potter around or who you bump into, there’s always something that you can profit from and that’s a story and an achievement in itself. Like my dad always says, “No experience is lost” Lydia Bourhill


Travel Taught Me to have confidence in myself and to know that I’m capable. Whether I’m lost, there’s a language barrier, or something is just different, travel has forced me to handle these things on my own. Now, I trust that I can handle any situation I find myself in. Brianna Thompson



Travel has taught me you don’t always have to stay with the group or fit the stereotypes. Explore where and want you want. Be yourself. Be independent. Trent Broeckel


Travel has taught me the importance of independence from technology. Spending 12/14 weeks of my summer abroad without an international plan made me take a break from the constant scrolling and develop a deeper appreciation for the new places I was exploring. I’ve learned it’s okay to not document every second of your travels and just simply enjoy the moment. Alex Brookhart


Travel taught me to avoid searching for a place to call home and find the bones in my skeleton the only structure I need. Sage Larson

Travel Taught Me independence from fear. Because the world is too big to let worries confine you to a small portion. Choose boldness. Go. Kelli Meyer



Travel taught me to follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. To go where I want and live how I choose. To taste and live in freedom. Courtney Van Hoosen



Travel taught me to always color outside the lines. Independence comes from making your own rules and exploring everything you possibly can. Kristen Dalli


Travel Taught Me Independence

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