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Travel Taught Me To Appreciate Every Sunset

Enjoying every moment of every sunset.

Travel taught me to love the little moments. The sun sets all over the world, but in Greece, I fell in love with scenes like this. The little boat made this sunset incredibly unique, Greek, and one I will always remember. – Alyssa Benson



Travel taught me to be in the moment when small moments like this amazing sunset in Jordan forced me to slow down, take a minute, and appreciate where I am and what I’m doing. This view was unexpected, but reminded me of how lucky I was to be there looking at it! – Brianna Thompson



Travel taught me to appreciate the little moments in life. The first time I studied abroad, I felt terrified of missing out. But seeing the sunset on the other side of the world changed my perspective and helped me to enjoy the small victories of every day. – Mary Sheehan



Travel Taught Me to be in the moment – one of my last nights in Spain I went to watch the sunset alone but it turned into me spending the night with a group of about ten Koreans, finding a concert in the plaza, and eating a really good pizza. Grateful for this town, the people I met through it, & the beauty of God apparent through ever sunset over it. – Kelli Meyer



Travel taught me to be in the moment. I’ve seen many sunsets while traveling, but the ones at home (I’m a bit biased) can’t be beat. This one is from the evening before I left for Germany and makes me appreciate where I’ve been. – Trent Broeckel



Travel taught me to appreciate every moment abroad. One of my first weekends in South Korea I went to a baseball game with a few people in my program. I remember watching the sunset and feeling so at home at this sporting event with my new friends because going to baseball games is one of my favorite things to do during the summer at home. – Alex Brookhart



Travel taught me to appreciate every moment and every sunset– especially when this is your backyard. – Kristen Dalli



Travel taught me to break the rules every once in a while. You’ll never forget a sunset like this when you stay in the park after it closes to simply sit in wonderment and watch the beautiful world we live in close its eyes in Nice, France for another day. Nothing can replace that feeling of complete awe and serenity that erases all worries from your thoughts. – Courtney Van Hoosen



Watching the sunset with friends is my favorite way to end the day. But when the best part of a sunset (or an adventure) only lasts for a few minutes, you learn to be there in the moment or you’ll miss the whole thing. – Margot Delancey




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