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Two European Summer Must ‘Seas’

If you’re a beach lover, you must add the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas to your travel list!

When you think of summer, the beach, clear water, sunny skies, and relaxing days are a few things that come to mind, and two of the best places to experience these summer feels are two gorgeous European bodies of water: the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea!

Sarah Nowak Adratic Sea image

Photo: Sarah Nowak

These two incredible Seas hold some of my favorite travel memories, and I would revisit each one in a heart beat! Europe is known for its amazing capital cities; however sometime the Seaside towns are less visited. I highly recommend taking a few days out of your next European summer holiday to visit either the Mediterranean or the Adriatic Sea for an unforgettable beach experience!

The Mediterranean Sea

Emily Freebery Marseille Image

The Mediterranean Sea can be accessed from various European countries as well as a few North African countries. And while many think of visiting Ibiza, Malta, or the Greek islands to experience the Mediterranean, my Mediterranean beach days came while visiting the seaside city of Marseille as well as the smaller town of Cassis in the South of France! The gorgeous crystal clear blue water made it unlike any beach day in America!

Emily Freebery Marseille image

Pack your bathing suit, some sunscreen, and a towel, and you’re all set for a relaxing day on the Mediterranean. Marseille and Cassis were both lovely cities with easy access to the Sea, as with pretty sandy beaches. And if you go in the summer time, you’re sure to have beautiful, hot, and sunny weather! Not only were the beaches amazing, but the city of Marseille and the town of Cassis were both adorable and filled with numerous cute shops and seaside restaurants.

Emily Freebery Cassis image

And the Mediterranean-style food was delicious! Think whole grains, olive oil, and decadent herbs and spices with juicy fresh fruits and tasty fresh vegetables.  It was definitely a nice few-day divergence from visits to bigger European capital cities like Paris and London, perfect for any traveler looking for a relaxing beach day or two.

The Adriatic Sea

Emily Freebery Adriatic Sea Image

The Adriatic Sea, might be a less popular beach destination for travelers then the Mediterranean, but it is equally as stunning and surely worth a visit! The Adriatic Sea can not only be accessed from Italy but also from a number of Eastern European countries such as Albania and Slovenia! I’ve visited the Adriatic Sea on two separate occasions, both times from the Dalmatia coast in Croatia! It is by far my favorite travel destination.

Sarah Nowak Adriatic Sea image

Photo: Sarah Nowak

The Croatian coast has numerous beach clubs, some private and some public, that tourists are able to visit and experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea! One distinctive feature of the Croatian seaside town I visited, was the rather rocky beach in place of sand.  The rocks were small and smooth making swimming in the sea and wading in the water just as easy as sandy beaches! Plus the beach clubs and cabanas have plenty of room to sunbathe and work on your tan. Just like the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea has equally clear, gorgeous blue waters! I loved being able to look down and see my feet, and the waters are clear enough for some amazing under water pictures!

Emily Freebery Adriatic Sea Image

Take a boat ride on the Adriatic Sea to heighten your experience.  On my second visit to Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, I was able to take a boat ride to a smaller island with its own beach and beach club.  The locals in Croatia are also extremely friendly, making the experience even more memorable.

Emily Freebery Adriatic Sea Image

After visiting several European countries, my visits to the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas were my favorite! Any beach and aquatic lovers need to add these seas to their list of places to visit! There are plenty of access points to these bodies of water throughout Europe.

So start your swim suit shopping and plan a summer trip to the Mediterranean/Adriatic Seas!

Emily Freebery Adriatic Sea Image

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