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UTS Sydney Student Shares Her Story from Australia.

Law Student, Living Like a Local and Loving Her Studies, City and Life. 

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Art by Sophia Athas

My name is Sophia, I’m 19 and attend UTS (University of Technology Sydney), where I’m studying a combined degree of Law and Communication (Media and Information). While the law part is busy and at times a tad dry, the communications sides is really relevant to our modern day with social networking, advertising and general communication trends around the world. To tie in with the communications side, I’m interning at a local brand Jac+ Jack, helping out the Public Relations and Advertising team, which makes all the study seem like its actually worth while. I love studying in Sydney, especially UTS, as it’s situated just outside the main CBD, and only a bus away from Sydney’s two famous beaches Bondi and Manly.

Despite doing such a ‘boring’ and ‘dry’ degree at Uni, there is also a part of me which loves being creative, from painting murals on my friends walls, to decorating diaries, sketching, taking photos, and doodling down pictures while in lectures. There is no main purpose to all of this creative outlet, instead just something I enjoy. Although Sydney is considered a young, small city, miles away from anywhere else in the world, it has huge creative ‘hubs’ sprinkled over the north shore, eastern suburbs, and main city. The obvious ones being the big main museums, Museum of Contemporary Art and the NSW Art Gallery, however it’s the modern, more quirky side to things which attracts the most people, (or ‘hipsters’ as we call them today). From the artistic graffiti, to the specialist galleries, and even Paddington markets where people now sell their Instagram photos to passersby, it’s always enjoyable to just roam around, visit one of the hundreds of coffee hangouts and simply take photos whenever given the chance.

Art by Sophia Athas

Art by Sophia Athas

 Even though I would love to enjoy the college life of America, or even Europe, I think Sydney has something special to offer in it’s own way. Most universities are walking distance from each other, and because there are only a few, it makes Uni a social location. This semester i’m starting hockey with Uni, and to reveal my nerdier side, have joined the Law society. I suppose the more you get involved in, the more people you meet and more enjoyable university becomes. I only realised this year, that it is possible to balance both the more mundane things in life with something you love, in my instance art, and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much, because it’s like a reward at the end of the day.

Art by Sophia Athas


Sophia Athas

University of Technology Sydney, Australia | 2 stories

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