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Weekend Warrior: San Francisco

Be prepared for anything with this San Fran travel capsule wardrobe.

If you are like me that hate driving in narrow places, up and down steep hills and parallel parking then driving in San Francisco is not for you. Instead explore the city by taking the trolley or biking. San Francisco is a great place to visit. With so much to see like the Golden Gate Bridge, art schools, Pier 39, Twin Peaks, Union Square and much more.

Route: Traveling by car from Riverside to Castro Valley, Bart Train from Castro Valley to San Francisco.

Stayed at: Comfort Inn

Visited: San Francisco

What to take:

1.      Boyfriend Jeans: I got mine from American Eagle for a great deal. These are perfect for the fall and great for any weather.

2.     Umbrella: The weather is unpredictable. It can be sunny one second and start pouring the next. Always prepare yourself. If you visit the Golden Gate Bridge it will come in handy if it is a foggy day.  We love these world map travel umbrellas.

3.     Sunglass: It is the perfect accessory. I got mine from Armani Exchange. They will block the glaring sun for you.

4.     Phone/Headphone: The perfect way to blend in with the people is to put in headphones. Especially if you are riding the Bart for the first time. It is the easiest means of transport in and out of the city.

5.     Backpack: I used my Dooney Bourke backpack. The backpack, it will look great with any outfit. It is light with good space. Its great to have your backpack if you do not want to carry around your shopping bags.

6.     Camera: Even if you forget to wear your clothes never forget your camera. I have a DSL camera that I take everywhere I go. The city has so much to offer it is great place to take pictures and to explore your camera.

7.     Cash: If you take the Bart, the trolley or travel in a car across the bridge you will need cash. Have some loose change and dollar bills they will come in handy.

8.     Aztec Jacket: I got mine from Charlotte Rousse. This will go perfect for the unpredictable weather and your outfit. It is light to carry around so put it in your backpack when you do not need it.

9.     Shoes: I got them from Aldo. These booties are perfect for the day traveling around the city and at night if you go to clubs.

Shalini Patel

California State University of San Bernardino | 3 stories

I am a senior at California State University of San Bernardino. I am majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. I love to travel and take picture. Desserts are my favorite meal!

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