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Weekend Warriors: Alibaug Nights

Sandy feet, spicy prawns, historical forts, adventure sports and mesmerizing sunsets : Alibaug, India.

Late-evening walks on the beach with sand-covered toes, long drives by the coastline with Arctic Monkeys blaring in the car, playing volleyball in the sweltering heat and gulping down lemonades, starting my day with riding my bicycle and gorging on ice-lollies with my friends- this is what summer was for me when I was young. But this year life made me run helter-skelter and I forgot to enjoy the mesmerizing season of sunshine and sunglasses.

Fortunately I had a weekend after my internship ended and a new year of my college began. I quickly called my closest friends and my family who I had not spent a lot of time with this summer and began planning a weekend trip to Alibaug. It is a coastal town in Konkan region of Raigad district famous for spicy seafood, breathtaking beaches and needless to say divine sunsets. It was simply a three day trip but it left me refreshed for the academic year ahead and I can’t wait to get back in the race of life.


The port of Mandva before all the boats arrive

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth” – Rachel Carson.

Mumbai to Alibaug

Travelled from: Mumbai to Mandva by boat and Mandva to Alibaug by car.

Stayed at: Lele Wadi Guest House

Visited: Siddheshwar Temple, Murud Janjira Fort, Kashid Beach, Kihim Beach, Khanderi and Underi Islands, Bet El Synagogue, Varsoli Beach, Akshi Beach.

While packing I simply avoided taking any expensive clothes, heavy electronics or precious jewellery. Since I would be spending all these days at the beach there was a chance of items getting damaged and also I was going along with many people, so they could get lost or misplaced. When you are packing, do it lightly by only taking the bare essentials.  Make sure these items are of a reliable quality because you don’t want to realize that your top has a hole in it mid-way while surfing.

Packing only bare essentials

Packing only bare essentials

1)      A loose top– At soaring temperatures and with my body sweating, it was wise to carry a loose-fitting shirt for easy movement and comfort all day long. I wore this bright mint green sheer collared shirt from Forever 21 to stay in the summer spirit.

2)      Denim shorts– I wore these personally cutout shorts from Jealous 21 to be ready for spontaneous bike riding on the beach or football with my brother.

3)      Shoes- These sandals which I bought when I went street shopping in Mumbai are comfortable and cheap. I would advise you to not wear expensive clothing and accessories as it is going to get dirty and damaged.

4)      A summer read– ‘Salem Falls’ by Jodi Picoult. It is impossible for me to leave the house without a heavy book in hand.

5)      Accessories– I got a simple set of junk bronze bangles which I bought from my village fair a year ago. They are sturdy; add an ethnic touch to the most modern outfit and water does not wash of the metal polish.

6)      Camera– A tiny Digi Cam to capture all the infinite memories of making the most of my summer. This camera is easy to handle as it fits in my back-pocket and very high-quality within my budget.

7)      Lipstick– Different people prefer to wear different things under the sun; I go for a thin layer of lipstick. These ones are from Maybelline and have SPF 40; they protect my lips from the sun and last long.

8)      Sunglasses– Not only do they add an edge to any outfit but they are also essential to protect your delicate eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. These aviators are from Ray Ban and add an androgynous touch to my entire ensemble.

9)      Sunscreen- I use Lotus brand’s sunscreen because it is a popular Indian brand that makes skincare products without using a lot of harsh chemicals.

10)  A big floppy hat– This white hat which my brother bought me from Goa is bordered with lace and adds a feminine quality. It also protects my thin hair from the sun and avoids them from getting greasy.


The endless Arabian Sea

The most important thing to remember while packing for a weekend getaway is to avoid taking unnecessary items with you. Keep your heavy Marks & Spencer booties at home and bring along a versatile pair of shoes (such as nude ballerinas or black Mary Janes) which compliment any outfit. No matter where you’re going ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you and stay hydrated in this boiling heat. Pack only the bare essentials, keep in mind that comfort is more important than style at least when you’re travelling and don’t forget to capture your intimate memories.


Purva Indulkar

K.P.B. Hinduja College, Mumbai | 10 stories

Purva Indulkar is a student of Mass Communications in Mumbai, India. She is a voracious reader, amateur writer, aspiring journalist, movie fanatic, proud foodie and a curious traveller. Not all those who wander are lost :)

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  1. Ann says:

    Hi, are shorts ok to be worn at alibag beaches.

    • Dress code for the beaches that have frequent Western visitors, shorts and bikini’s are acceptable but only on the beach. Cover up when you leave the beach area. In less Western-frequented beach destinations, such as Alibag it’s best to be a little more covered on the beach. Try light pants and a cotton tunic.

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