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Weekend Warriors: Chicago! What to take and wear for a weekend escape.

Weekend in the city? Here are your top 10 essentials.

Northern Illinois suburbs to Chicago

Traveled by: Metra

Visited: Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park

1. Chanel sunglasses borrowed from my sister to protect my eyes from the summer rays—a must have to avoid the sun’s glare reflecting off of store fronts and cabs driving by.

2.  Ready to power walk down the Magnificent Mile in my low rise sandals. They’re comfortable and light enough to last me the entire day on the cement city streets.

3.  Mini umbrella that can fit perfectly into any medium-sized handbag. Chicago weather can be so unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared!

4.  A Tangle Teezer, otherwise known as the “miracle brush,” is probably one of my best purchases. It can combat any knot formed by the Windy City breeze.

5.  Consumed on the daily, a small pack of Listerine strips should always be carried along during a trip. Avoid deep-dish pizza breath and pop in a strip to keep your mouth fresh.

6.  Snapping pictures all day at the Millennium Park bean can drain your phone fast! You can never go wrong with the decision to bring along a phone charger.

7.  A good read, and my current favorite book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is the great when accompanied by Starbucks passion tea lemonade sitting on the Millennium Park concert lawn.

8.  My Louie Vuitton cross-body bag is the ideal tote when spending the day in the city. It’s light enough to not weigh me down while I’m touring, but has enough space inside to hold all of my key essentials with room to spare.

9.  A white lace dress can be dressed-up or down depending on the occasion. Take off the jean jacket and you’re instantly ready for drinks on the town.

10.  Considering the fluctuating weather, bringing along a jean jacket to Chicago is a very practical decision. One minute you will be sweating away in the sun, seeking shade under the railroad beams of the “L,” and next thing you know, you’re covered in goose bumps while you wait inside a restaurant for your lunch to be served.

Hanna Handler

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | 9 stories

Hanna is a junior student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign studying communications, public relations, media sales, and art and design. She is a member of The Illinettes Dance Team, the official dance team of the school, the Vice President of Public Relations for Panhellenic Council, and the Vice President of PRSSA. She is also a sister of Delta Gamma. She will begin her first internship experience at Edelman this summer in Chicago and in the past year, has traveled to Mexico, Ireland, and Israel.

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