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Weekend Warriors: Paris, France

A weekend of stylish sophistication in the most romantic city on Earth

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When I traveled to France from my home in Philadelphia to visit my foreign exchange partner, Margaux, I was lucky enough to fly into Paris and explore the city for the weekend before driving to Margaux’s home in Alsace for the remainder of my two week stay. Here are the top 10 items I was glad I had on me during my time in Paris!

 From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Paris, to Mulhouse, France:

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Traveled by: US Airways from PA to Paris; by car from Paris to Mulhouse

Stayed at: My exchange partner’s grandmother’s house in Metz, France (nothing better than a free stay!)

Visited: Paris, Metz

1. What trip would be complete without your camera? I was sure to snap pictures of all the famous Parisian landmarks, like the Sacre-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre-Dame. See a great choice of Canon cameras here.

2. During my trips, I like jotting down notes about the places I go and the things I see, like the names of restaurants, the types of food I eat, and the landmarks I go to. Rather than pull out a notebook and a pen, I like to use my iPhone’s handy notepad.

3. You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking around the city, so comfy, sturdy shoes are a must. That’s why I love a good pair of leather oxfords–they’re cute, but you won’t be complaining about them after walking for hours!  (See these Not Rated Oxfords here)

4. When in Paris, you’ve gotta step up your fashion game–wearing a sophisticated sleeveless blouse will make ensure that you look on top of your style game without overheating in the summer.

5. I opted for a great pair of American Eagle  jeans when I was in Paris, because even though it was the middle of July, it was a bit colder than usual during my stay. (Available here)

6. Whether it’s 70 degrees and breezy, or you stopped into a chilly, air conditioned restaurant, it’s always a good idea to pack a light sweater or cardigan in your bag.

7. To hold all of your belongings, you’re going to want a decent sized bag or purse–a stylish leather one will match your trendy Parisian outfit! Make sure it closes completely with a zipper or snaps though, so that you won’t get pickpocketed. (See the range of Prada bags here)

8. Even though I can speak French pretty well, I made sure I packed my French Phrasebook just in case I needed to look something up. A phrasebook is more useful than just a French-English dictionary, because it will give you exact phrases and slang. (Available here)

9. Don’t forget to exchange your money for Euros, the currency used in France!

10. If you want to hit every landmark in Paris, you’re going to want to use the Metro system to get around. That’s why you should invest in a one or two-day metro pass–it gives you complete access to public transportation.

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