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Weekend Warriors: Tel Aviv

Grab your bags and get ready for a BLAST in Tel Aviv, Israel’s beach babe central!

Travelled from Haifa by train to Tel Aviv.

Stayed at: Beachfront Hotel

Visited: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the perfect city for a quick getaway, whether you want to explore the shuk (market), go clubbing, or lay out on the beach. But before you go there are a couple of things you need to know!

Danielle Kaye: Tel Aviv Packing image

Packing for the weekend can be light. Here’s what to bring:

1. High-waisted denim shorts

2. Cute printed crop top

3. Converse High Tops

4. Lee Cooper dress for evening outings

5. Strappy sandals

6. Bikini

7. Roomy tote bag

8. Small cross-body purse

9. Journal for documenting the amazing places you go

10. Public transit tickets

1. Tel Aviv in September is HOT! Make sure that you pack clothes that you can walk in without completely burning up… a pair of tennis shoes may be helpful too. (see the picture above for reference)

2. Laying out on the beach is more work than it looks like, so make sure you come prepared. It isn’t a bad idea to bring a liter of water – or two – for your day in the sand.

3. The public transportation can be a bit confusing. Downloading the apps moovit and Google Maps will do you more good than you anticipated when navigating public transportation. Keep in mind with your travels in Israel that public transportation is the easiest and best way to see the country.

4. Keep your eyes open on the streets! Tel Aviv is known for its innovation and creativity, making street festivals and displays a common, ever changing, occurrence. When I visited Tel Aviv, the Innovation Festival was occurring. It was super interesting to see artists from the city display their creations in the squares and streets of the city!

Danielle Kaye: Innovation Festival image

Innovation Festival 2014: This piece generated its’ own energy and then lit up in the night.

5. Don’t miss the sunset. There are a number of incredible spots on the beach to watch the sunset. But you don’t have to go to a restaurant to wind down after a day of exploration. Grab a towel and find a place on the sand to watch a gorgeous sunset over the Mediterranean!


6. Make some time for the Carmel Market (shuk). In the shuk you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city as you see Israelis bargaining for their groceries, shopkeepers yelling about their products, and GREAT food. This is the place to pick up your produce, pita, pastries, and anything else you may need. I highly recommend the rugalech (chocolate pastry) with an iced coffee – American style – from Moe’s. 

Danielle Kaye: Pastries, Tel Aviv image

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out all the patisseries when strolling the streets. Grab one, or two, or three…

Danielle Kaye: Carmel Shuk image

Fresh sweets straight from the bakery to you! The Kenafeh (cheese delicacy) is the BEST.

7.  Check out this site for information about what’s happening when you visit the city!

All in all for a weekend in Tel Aviv you can get by on $150 if you don’t go too crazy with the night life and avoid taking taxis. Staying in a hostel is definitely the way to go. I stayed at the Beachfront Hotel, across from the beach and in a main area of the city. The access to the beach was so convenient; requiring me to only get up and walk across the street to be oceanside.

I loved the hospitality and service of the establishment, offering complimentary sangria on the roof to watch the sunset and tidying up the room daily. I would highly recommend a weekend in Tel Aviv to relax or to enjoy the night life.

Danielle Kaye

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Danielle is recent graduate of the University of Kentucky who currently lives abroad in Israel. While at UK she studied International Relations in the Middle East and Africa. In her free time she can be found pursuing outdoor adventures, coffee shops, reading, and concerts.

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