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What Fuels Your Wanderlust?

Fueling your wanderlust one trip at a time. 

Have you been bitten by the ‘wanderlust’ bug? I know I have! Wanderlust is an urge to travel and explore the world around you. After moving to different locations while growing up in the past years I hated staying in one place for to long.

Studying abroad in England for sure increased my urge to travel. It gave me the opportunity to meet individuals from different parts of the world and to see different parts of the world.

While studying in England I wasn’t just exposed to English culture but many other cultures from around the world. University of Leicester, my study abroad university, was such a diverse university. The majority of my classes had different individuals from places such as China, Norway, Greece, Nigeria, Australia, and many other countries. Not only were my classes diverse but my living arrangement was diverse as well. I had the opportunity to live with girls from Korea, England, and New Zealand. Interacting with individuals with such diverse backgrounds had a major impact on my urge to travel. I greatly enjoyed hearing their stories about exactly what it’s like in their home countries. It was like getting an inside scope of what life is really like in their home country and not how the media depicts the country. After listening and peeping into their culture it gave me the urge to want to travel and see what it was like for myself.

Being emerged in a new culture is a very exciting thing.  While traveling I always try to remember how important it is to keep an open mind.  Its amazing how much you can change when keeping an open mind.  Wandering around the world gives you the wonderful opportunity to broaden your perspective of individuals and the world around you.  Your view on a number of issues and things change drastically after experiencing something new with an open mind.  Just knowing how much my perspective can change on a number of areas in life gets me excited about traveling!


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

When you are standing on the top of the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and look over to see the beautiful scenery you can’t help but say to yourself, “I can’t believe the world is so beautiful!” I found myself saying that many times while traveling. The world is a wonderful place and we are put here to explore and see what all it has to offer. Not traveling is like wasting your opportunity to explore this beautiful place we live in. Referring to the quote by St. Augustine, no one enjoys reading the same page of a book over and over again. Thats why we must all let the wanderlust bug take control and read the entire book of the world, or at least a few chapters of it.

Curiosity certainly fuels my ‘wanderlust’! The world wouldn’t be such a beautiful place if we weren’t meant to travel and see what else is out there.

Its one thing to see pictures of different parts of the world online and in magazines but seeing those places in person is something totally different. I got my first peek of the world at the age of ten when I traveled out the country to Naples, Italy for the first time to visit my father who was stationed there at the time. My family and I traveled to some of the most known cities in Italy. From Rome to Florence, my curiosity for what else the world had to offer increased with every plate of pasta and pizza I indulged in.

Throughout life you find yourself going through the same everyday motions such as going to class, work, eating, sleeping then repeat.  One day I got tired of just going through my everyday routine.  My life became very boring; I was in dire need of change.  Thats when my wanderlust bug kicked in!  The fact that I get so restless with routines also fuels my wanderlust bug.


Traveling seeing new parts of the world is a for sure way to break up your boring days and weeks.  The minute I jump on the plane or hop on the road to my next destination it gives me a fresh start.  Exploring the world around you gives you the chance to forget about your long to do list and endless responsibilities.

Seeing the world can change you as a person in a number of ways.  Thinking about all the lessons I have learned and the many ways I have changed as a person fuels my urge to travel greatly!  Just booking a flight to a place you’ve never traveled to can flip your life around in ways you can only dream of.

Rarione Maniece

Old Dominon University | 6 stories

I am a Senior at Old Dominion University studying Communications and Information Technology in Norfolk, VA. New Orleans, Louisiana is where I was born and raised. I am an apsiring news reporter that loves all things Beyonce and Orpah. This Fall term I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Leicester, England to complete my semester abroad at the University of Leicester. I look forward to following the foot steps of the wonderful Ron Burgundy, "Stay classy, San Diego!"

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