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What not to wear while abroad.

Roslyn Kent: Cobble stone streets are aesthetically pleasing to look at but they aren’t exactly fun to walk on-especially with heels of any kind. If you’re planning on travelling to a European city that is laden with cobble stone (and let us be the first to tell you that there are plenty), you may want to think twice about packing those heels. They may look great, but they will be a functional nightmare when your foot hits the ground. Pair your dress with converse when you hit the town at night, your feet will thank you later.

Emily Freebery:   Much like heels, ballet flats/flats might be cute and seem comfortable, but are definitely not ideal for walking around cities. Flats may be small and easy to pack, but if you are planning on spending a lot of time walking, you should ditch the ballet flats/flats and opt for a more comfortable pair of footwear. Walking around in flats can often cause painful blisters and sore feet, and there’s nothing worse then uncomfortable shoes ruining your dream trip! So instead buy a pair of cute sneakers like vans or converse, which are perfect for a long day/week of city exploration!

Mirand Siwak  As college students, when you study abroad you are likely either staying in a dorm, hostel or someone’s home. So, space is a luxury, which means you really have to pack light and concise. Ladies, we all love our handbags, but traveling is not the time to bring your extensive collection. Choose one or two: perhaps a simple crossbody and a nicer bag for nights out or professional opportunity. Make sure your bag is large enough to haul all your daily gear and is in a neutral color that can match basically anything, and you’ll save a lot of space in your luggage!

Carine Alexis  Every college tourist looks forward to the stunning photos they’ll take abroad, and often, pack accordingly. However, you should think twice before you decide to bring all of your favorite accessories, especially real jewelry. Leave your most expensive jewelry at home, even if the pieces are subtle. Day trips and weekends away mean that you’ll have to pack and repack, and small items tend to get lost amidst all of the commotion. Save yourself the stress of misplacing your favorite items, and opt for simple, replaceable pieces.

Alea Gilhuly-Mandel  Hats are a basic yet stylish accessory but make sure that you keep in mind where you’re staying! Baseball caps are popular in America and are often worn to class or around a city but these style of hats are not as popular throughout Europe. Most European women wear floppy hats or fedoras, depending on where you live. With hats in general keep in mind where you are staying. Knitted hats aren’t going to be necessary somewhere warm and light fedoras aren’t going to be comfortable somewhere cold!

Nikki McKenna  Avoid extremely heavy jackets when traveling, its better to lay up and be able to adjust to different temperatures during your trip than be limited to either really warm or nothing at all.  Layers can keep you warm at different levels and also can look cute an allow you to switch it up depending on your outfits.


Here are a few more tips from another student blogger  here.  Do you have a tip to share? we’d love to include it in our post, please comment below:) Team College Tourist

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