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What To Do In My College “Town” of Montreal

The best things to do in the city of the North 

Walk through McGill Campus: McGill University, located in the heart of Montreal, is a beautiful campus filled with old buildings and new, huge trees and a lovely field, nestled in between tall buildings and big avenues. During the summer or fall, a walk through the campus is necessary. The beautiful colors of the trees and the space you have to breathe will make you forget that there’s tons of traffic just a few hundred feet from you.

Carla Borderies College Montreal

McGill campus in October

Bike up to the Oratoire Saint Joseph: Biking is an ideal way to circulate through Montreal when the weather allows for it, and gives people the chance to discover parts of Montreal they wouldn’t generally go to without a bike. The Saint Joseph Oratory, located North-east of McGill’s campus, is not only beautiful architecturally, but also has a great view on Montreal, especially at sunset.

Carla Borderies College Montreal

Oratoire Saint Joseph

Go to Atwater Market and Jean Talon Market on weekends: Looking for fresh produce, crispy baguettes, and tons of cheese? You’ve arrived to the right place. These two markets, filled with delicious local specialties as well as imported products, are great places to go on a weekend before cooking a delicious meal for your friends.

Go to a jazz bar: There are many jazz bars all over Montreal, but Dièse Onze Jazz club on Saint Denis remains my favorite. With a pub vibe, it welcomes many for live music, cocktails, and a dinner on the fancier side. Want to keep it cheap? Order just a drink, get nestled in a big wooden booth, and wait for the show.

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Walk through the plateau to look at graffiti: During the summer, the graffiti festival in Montreal means hundreds of artists will spray paint murals all over the city. If you’re not around to watch the art being created, walk through the Plateau in the fall to find incredible murals covering the side of various buildings.

Carla Borderies College Montreal

Take a stroll through Old Port: In Old Port, you’ll find Parisian-style streets, beautiful churches, and cute restaurants. Take a walk along the Saint Laurent river, visit the iconic Notre Dame basilica, and find a nice restaurant for dinner (such as Mangiafoco if you’re looking to eat some delicious burrata).

Carla Borderies College Montreal

Head to Cafe Campus on a Tuesday night: For a great night of dancing, this place is perfect. Retro Tuesdays mean you can dance to top hits from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, and there’s nothing better than singing 500 miles with all your best friends in a club.

Eat the best burger you’ve ever eaten at Burger Royale: This is hands down the best place I’ve ever been to for a burger. Okay, I’m talking about a veggie burger, but apparently the meat is amazing too. A huge menu, killer mac and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies that are to die for, you’ll never eat a burger anywhere else again.

Go to a hidden bar: You may just miss it if you’re walking up Saint Laurent – no sign, no bouncer out front, just an unmarked black door. You let yourself in, walk down the hallway, and you find yourself in Big in Japan, a fancy cocktail bar that will have you feeling like you’re walking into the modernized version of a cool speakeasy. On the more expensive side but worth the splurge for the experience and a delicious drink.

Have a killer brunch: Restaurant L’Avenue, Eggspectation, Le Vieux Saint Laurent… Montreal is probably the world’s brunch capital. With hundreds of restaurants and thousands of eggs benedict being made every morning, you can count on finding your perfect morning order.

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Carla Borderies College Montreal

Le Vieux Saint-Laurent brunch

Walk to Place des Arts to see the art installments: Every year, Place des Arts has different art installments, and it’s worth it to take a stroll and go see the various light shows, swings that play music, and artwork.

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Walk up to Mont Royal: Want to escape the city and be immersed in nature? Take a walk (or jog) up to the top of Mont Royal to see a full view of Montreal. You’ll be surrounded by trees and you’ll see the whole city from up high.

What To Do In the College “Town” of Montreal

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