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What to do in the college town of Fargo-Moorhead

While hot dish is popular and winter lasts around seven months, the city does offer more than that meets the eye.

First, let it be explained that Fargo-Moorhead is two different cities. Moorhead is a small town in Minnesota and Fargo is a large town in North Dakota. The cities are right next to each other, with only the Red River separating them. The names are put together because the cities work a lot together when it comes to providing activities and such, similar to how Minneapolis and St. Paul area is called the Twin Cities. While not as large as the Twin Cities, Fargo-Moorhead has its own, eclectic list of things to do.


Fargo revamped downtown recently, with new shops that can appease an eclectic taste of any individual. Stop in boutiques like Lot 2029, grab a snack at Sandy’s Donut Shop, relax and watch a movie at the Fargo Theatre, fill up on delicious food at restaurants like The Boiler Room, and end the evening by socializing at a multitude of bars like No Bull. No matter the time of day, a person could keep themselves occupied in the cultural location like downtown.


For the state that has one of the highest drinking populations, breweries are quite popular. One has many options to choose from; starting with Drekker Brewing, where one can enjoy a beer while playing a game of bags (or cornhole, depending on where you’re from) to Würst Bier Hall for a taste of Germany, to Junkyard Brewing Company in Moorhead where people can try a new brewery while stargazing through their professional telescopes, and end with the original Fargo Brewing Company where they host Yoga on Tap where after a yoga session, people can drink a beer. In Fargo-Moorhead, beer is more than a drink, it creates friendships and a community.

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Buffalo River State Park

To take a break from the busyness of life, one can drive a little ways outside of the city and find the Buffalo River State Park. At the park, one can get acquainted with the Midwest prairie grasslands, swim, fish, camp, or picnic. What better way to relax than to immerse oneself into nature?

peacock mural in downtown fargo north dakota image


Fargo-Moorhead has been working hard to establish a strong, welcoming community. One way they do this is through art. Throughout the city, artists have been called to use their talents to decorate the city. One could spend the day exploring the city, looking at dumpsters to sides of buildings, the artwork is everywhere waiting to be seen.

College Town

North Dakota State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Concordia College, and Minnesota State Technical and Community College all exist in these two cities. The high college student population in this area increases the chances of finding great friends and activities held specially for the student population, like the Moorhead Bridge Bash to kick off the school year.

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Red River Market

Every Saturday from 10 am-2 pm in the summer and fall, the Red River Market pops up. At the market, people can shop for locally grown food, try beer from local breweries, and hear local band music. Sometimes, they have little surprises, like hosting alpacas one weekend.

young blood coffee shop in downtown fargo north dakota image


Fargo has a surprisingly high amount of unique coffee shops. In downtown alone, people can stop at Babb’s Coffee House, Moxie Java, Young Blood Coffee, and Twenty Below. These cafes offer not only fantastic coffee, but a taste of the city itself. People from the community drink the variety of roasteries while catching up with an old friend, artists collaborating on their next project, students vigorously writing their papers, or families stopping in for a break. Within the various cafe environments does an individual learn truly about the people of the cities.
Fargo has a slogan, stating that it is “north of normal.” While it is quite different from the normal getaway place, Fargo-Moorhead is a great Midwest area to get a taste of the culture and immerse oneself into a different world.

What to Do in Fargo Moorhead College Town

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