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What’s your Major? From Business to Fashion; Find Your Passion

Changing your major could be just the ticket towards a new found enthusiasm.

By Kelsey Reynolds, Southern Methodist University

Photo courtesy of SMUFW, Kristi & Scot Redman.

Photo courtesy of SMUFW, Kristi & Scot Redman.

When I first started at SMU I came in with the mindset that unless I was a business major I wouldn’t have any shot at a job post-college. I dove right in and signed up for the pre-requisite classes of Economics, Calculus, etc. I had been in honors and AP classes in high school and maintained a great GPA so I wasn’t worried about my performance at college; I was in for a bit of a shock.

After spending my entire freshman year in business school classes with average grades and a huge lack of interest I decided to switch my major to communications and I am so happy I did. Starting off my sophomore year as a communications major I became re-focused and excelled in the coursework; I developed an interest in studying because the material was relevant and intriguing to me.

Throughout my time as a communications major the program has been restructured at SMU. What used to be known as Corporate Communications and Public Affairs is now a Communications major with a separate and brand new Public Relations Major. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time left to complete a double major but I will be able to take classes through the Public Relations major. SMU has brought in notable professionals to help restructure the communications program, and I along with other students feel privileged to learn from them.

My other area of study at SMU is Fashion Media. This program was introduced just last year after the student body showed a large interest in a fashion program. Dallas is a prominent fashion capital and the SMU student body confirms that. As of now the fashion media program is only a minor but it has grown tremendously just from last year. SMU is one of the only university’s to have this unique program and I recommend anyone interested in Fashion who doesn’t want to attend a specialized art or fashion school to learn more about the program.

Through the Fashion Media minor I was able to get involved with SMU Fashion Week. Past SMU student Grace Davis started the event last year. They announced SMU Fashion Week in my Fashion History and Culture class, and I sent an application to Grace and became a member of the Executive Board for Fashion Week.

As a member of the executive board I helped to create and execute the schedule for SMUFW and promote it around campus and the Dallas Community. Last year’s event had a kick-off party, blogging panel, fashion in business panel, styling and designing panel and week end fashion show. It was such an amazing experience to meet and hear from professionals such as Tina Craig of Bag Snob, John Piermarini of Piermarini Boutique, and Kristie Ramirez of Texas Monthly. I am on the executive board again this year as the social media manager. We are busy planning new and innovative ideas for this years Fashion Week taking place April 1-5, 2013. Being able to combine my knowledge and love for both fashion and communications has truly enhanced my experience at SMU.

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Kelsey Reynolds

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I am a junior at SMU studying Communications and Fashion Media. I am a lover of magazines, running and coffee.

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  2. […] What’s your Major? From Business to Fashion; Find Your Passion […]

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