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What’s Your Major?: The Tough Road to the Anchor Desk

After searching deep within becoming a news reporter seemed to fit me rather well.

By: Rarione Maniece, Old Dominion University

When first applying for university, deciding a major for most is a very difficult decision.  Many freshmen change their major multiple times.  So when it was time for me to select a major, I searched high and low to choose the major that would best suit me.

Upon entering college I declared my major as undecided, I had a few things in mind but I just wasn’t certain.  Fashion merchandising crossed my mind but once my parents shot that choice down I quickly returned back to the drawing boards.  I looked into many careers that I believed would fit my personality the best.

screenshot nfl intern communications broadcasting

As a young girl I was always known for having so much to say, in fact I am still known as that girl.  After searching deep within becoming a news reporter seemed to fit me rather well.  It allowed me to speak as much as my heart desired and people would actually listen to what I had to say.  And after being a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana during one of the worst storms in the nation’s history, Hurricane Katrina, this greatly influenced my decision as well.

During this trying time for the city of New Orleans, there seemed to be much insensitive reporting by the media.  My hometown of New Orleans was depicted by some media sources as a third world country; identifying many of the city’s residents as ‘refugees’.  After going through this experience and seeing the city that I loved so much was illustrated in the media as a horrible place during those trying times fueled my passion for one day becoming a successful news reporter delivering news in the most accurate and sensitive manor.

After interning at News Channel 3 I knew news reporting was right for me.

After interning at News Channel 3 I knew news reporting was right for me.

It was only right I select Communications as my major.  This major was the perfect match for me; it allowed me to master all the essential skills that are needed to become a successful news reporter.

The idea of one day sitting at a news desk breaking the hottest news on the press makes me so anxious inside each time it crosses my mind.  News reporters have the wonderful job of being in the middle of top stories as they unfold but not being directly involved.  Sitting on that anchor’s desk is not always glitz and glam; it is so much more to that.

My Shadow Day at CBS 6 in Richmond, VA.

My Shadow Day at CBS 6 in Richmond, VA.

This profession opens doors to allow someone to experience so many different areas that life has to offer.  It is not just your ordinary boring desk job.  The list goes on about the many possibilities this job entails.  The ones I adore the most about this profession is having the opportunity to shed light on a number of events that may affect the community or nation.

Believe it or not but this is an important duty.  Much of your audience depends on you to provide them with the most accurate information since they lack the resources to get the information on their own.  As a result it is very essential for a news reporter to provide your audience with the most accurate and non-bias news as possible and give them the chance to form their own conclusion and views on the event that has taken place.

As any profession or major there are pros and cons.  Before I came to the decision that Communications was the right major for me I did my research, checked it once and checked it twice.  One of the plus sides of choosing communications as a major is how broad of a major this can be.  If for some very, very strange reason I decide that I no longer want to follow the career path of being a news reporter – I doubt that would ever happen – there are still an abundant amount of professions I will have to choose from.  Having the ability to communicate effectively is a very important skill needed for almost every career.

But with every good thing bad things exist.  Honey let me tell you, having a dream of one day becoming a top news anchor is not always an easy dream to have.  Broadcasting is a very competitive field to go into.  Not everyone that has dreams of being on the nation’s top stations will make.

News directors are always looking for the complete package.  Not only does one have to have the “look” but one must also have the ability to grab and keep the audience’s attention.  Certainly not for the weak hearts.  You may even find yourself clawing to the top, if you do just make sure you are gentle and say sorry.  As my favorite, Ron Burgundy, always says “Keep it classy, San Diego!”


Rarione Maniece

Old Dominon University | 6 stories

I am a Senior at Old Dominion University studying Communications and Information Technology in Norfolk, VA. New Orleans, Louisiana is where I was born and raised. I am an apsiring news reporter that loves all things Beyonce and Orpah. This Fall term I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Leicester, England to complete my semester abroad at the University of Leicester. I look forward to following the foot steps of the wonderful Ron Burgundy, "Stay classy, San Diego!"

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