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Who To Bring To The Party!

how to live like a local while partying abroad

By Sean Bryant, Swarthmore College

While you’re traveling to places foreign and domestic, you’re probably going to want to go out and party with some of the locals. I mean, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t! Whether it’s Parisians or Miamians, connecting with some of the people who are from the city you are currently in is a great way to find a great place to party and put on your “dougie” shoes (see what I did there?). Anyway, this post will be about what 3 MUST HAVE friends you should definitely bring with you to the party in a city not too familiar.

Me and some of my friends about to go out on the town!

1. Social Butterfly Friend! Everyone has that friend who can probably makes friends with just about anyone at the bar. So let’s be smart here, you’re definitely going to want this friend around to go out with because he or she can meet someone new and let you know of another awesome party on another awesome night and who knows, it might even be an exclusive party! And who DOESN’T want to leave a city with a really cool story about how they were in VIP drinking champagne with Adam Levine & Nicki Minaj. Regardless, this Social Butterfly more times than not also knows how to have a good time and is 99% NOT a Debbie Downer. They know how to keep the fun, and can even introduce you to a new friend that you may want to keep in contact with. And who knows, that new friend may turn out to be your new significant other!

2.  Mr./Ms. Responsible Friend! I mean, don’t actually bring your mother out to the club or party because that always ends in a disaster but bring that friend who knows how to have fun but can keep all of your party fools in order. I have a male friend, who no matter how much we seem to be raging, somehow finds a way to get us all together after being separated in a 4 floor club for a couple of hours. He knows how to get us together, staying together, and he’s probably the most responsible of the group. They make sure we’re not walking off with strangers and that we make it back home safely. Again, never a Debbie Downer but always makes sure we’re alive and safe so that we can at least tell the story of our night.

3. “The Daring” Friend! Bring that friend who makes a suggestion to something that you would probably NEVER do when you’re home. After all, “When in Rome…”, right?! The balance of the “Responsible Friend” and the “Daring Friend” is one that should definitely make for an interesting story. They’ll keep you being adventurous! No one wants to go to a new city and be boring. Really though! Live a little, dance on a bar, do cartwheels on a monument, ask a really cute guy or girl, for her number and if they do, take it and plant a huge kiss on them. I mean, you’re probably never going to see them again once you leave the city you’re visiting, right? So why not?!

With that said, those are my picks for the 3 MUST HAVE friends to absolutely bring to the party! More friends, is always a good thing because you only want to have a great time with great people. A wise woman once said to keep the “music knocking ’till the morning light, CAUSE WE LIKE TO PARTY!”

Sean Bryant

Swarthmore College | 1 story

I am a recent graduate of Swarthmore College (Go Garnet!) and am a struggling actor in New York. Graduated with a Black Studies with a concentration in English and Religion double major. Some things that I like to live by are: "Be positive" & "Being serious is for grown ups!"

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