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Why I Love My Major: Communications!

“We are all composed of so many different elements and a major that takes this into account just seems sensible”

By Moira Sim

As a rising senior at Fordham I am constantly asked two specific questions. “ What is your major?” comes first, followed by “Well what do you plan to do with that?” While I’m internally rolling my eyes from the thought of these boring questions, I’ll tell you that I am a Communications major. I generally have to defend my choice in major, as many people genuinely don’t understand what we actually study.

I will just blurt it out now: I LOVE my major. The classes in this department are what made me choose this area of study and I have not yet been disappointed. Obviously students are required to take the intro classes, but somehow I didn’t find the repetitive mentions of Marshall McLuhan and the path a message takes from sender to receiver monotonous. I have since then taken courses that span the entire field, from Public Relations (taught by the CMO of Movado) to a Film Director class, International Communications (we visited the UN), and even law-based Freedom of Expression and Censorship. My school’s location in New York City does afford us many opportunities to have real life meld with our classes in this way, which is one reason I will always praise Fordham. Go Rams!


Just looking at these varied courses you get a sense of how broad my major is. Because of this, Communications students at my school are required to choose a concentration as well as a minor. So I am a Communications student with a Television/Film concentration and a Political Science minor. This is the perfect arrangement for a girl who is interested in such a wide variety of things, and a list of favorite things that changes every two weeks.

I initially wanted to major in Communications because I could take classes about television and film- I mean who wouldn’t want that? But as I progressed through coursework I discovered how many different directions this degree could really take me in post-graduation. In the past year alone I have been lucky enough to complete two internships here in New York- one in television production and another at a public relations firm. These seem to be at different ends of the spectrum, but as I worked at each of the companies I found how every aspect of the entertainment business is so intertwined. So many elements and people join together to put out one unified message. I can’t help but notice how perfectly this mirrors how people are in general. We all are composed of so many different elements and a major that takes this into account just seems sensible.

Had my hair and makeup done at my first internship!

Had my hair and makeup done at my first internship!

Beyond sense, my classes are interesting! College is hard work, but if you pick the right major the all-nighters and endless cups of coffee during finals aren’t too terrible.

I now know that my choice of major was the perfect one for me, but how do you know if Communications could be for you? Here are a few pointers:

  1. If you spend your spare time on Netflix marathoning TV shows, reading up about your favorite celebrities (I’ll assume and hope it’s not the Kardashians), and generally keeping up with news (maybe even things you wouldn’t see on E!), Communications might be the right choice.
  2. If you actually enjoy meeting, interacting, and speaking with new people, Communications could be perfect for you.
  3. A degree in Communications can be a jumping off point for so many different careers. I know people who have gone into television, film and PR, yes, but many others have entered into the fashion industry, non-profit work and even politics!
  4. If worse comes to worse, at least you can say you studied the same thing as Matt Lauer (Ohio University), Amy Poehler (Boston College), and even Oprah! (Tennessee State).

Just writing about my experience so far studying Communications makes me so excited to return to school in August. I am looking forward to my classes almost as much as living with my best friends in New York for another year!!

Moira Sim

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Moira Sim has an unhealthy obsession with online shopping (acceptance is the first step). She watches the Travel Channel more often than one should admit and is currently in pursuit of room decor that will resemble an Anthropologie catalog. She can normally be found near a laptop and the key to her heart is frozen yogurt. Catch her on Twitter @givememoira!

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  1. Stephanie Aceves says:

    Hi I would like to contact you due to talk about this major (communication) I’m attending at Southwestern college in San Diego, CA, which is my second semester there and I’m majoring communication, but not sure into what area to direct. So I would like to know in what area within communication did you go towards to? If you could please give me some tips or anything will be helpful. Thank you.

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