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Why I Love My Major: Marketing

When we interview for a job opening or go on a first date, we are marketing ourselves.

By Katrina Demlow, Indiana University.

Most students go into college undecided as to what their major may be.  Maybe they have an idea, but switch their major several times before settling on the one that they will make a career out of.  But for me, I’ve known I wanted to be a marketing major for as long as I can remember.  As I prepare to enter my 3rd year, I am not at all disappointed and absolutely, 100% love my major!


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Here’s why:

1.  Marketing isn’t JUST business.  Yes, my major is through the business school, but it also encompasses areas like psychology, art, and more!  An enormous part of being successful in marketing is learning how to think like the market you are selling your product to!  The psychology aspect deals with understanding how people will react to your product and its advertising, as well as the subconscious reasons that cause a customer to buy a product.  The artistic side of marketing deals with the actual creation of ads, oftentimes through graphic design software, like Photoshop.

2. Marketing is used in EVERYTHING.  Regardless of future careers, we all will use marketing in some way!  Whether it be politics, where you are marketing a candidate to the voters, or selling a product in a store you own.  We even use marketing in our everyday life.  When we interview for a job opening or go on a first date, we are marketing ourselves!  Think about it!  We are presenting ourselves in a positive light by telling them the best qualities about ourselves.  That is marketing!

3. Marketing takes different paths.  Even within a marketing firm or the marketing department of a company, there are so many directions you can go.  There is the obvious option of creating and designing ads, if you’re the artistic, creative, type!  But if you’re like me and not so artsy, there are other options! If you like numbers and analyzing data, market research might be for you!  Social media is also an emerging area in the marketing field that you can explore!  There are so many ways to use a marketing degree in your career!

4.  There is a need for marketing in every industry.  Every single business, regardless of size, will use marketing to some degree. Therefore, you can combine marketing with other passions by doing marketing in the industry of your choosing!  Have a passion for fashion?  Check out marketing careers in the corporate offices of your favorite clothing stores!  Interested in medicine and health?  Seek out companies that sell equipment to hospitals and healthcare providers!  The options are endless!  Since marketing is so transferable, it also makes it easy for you to try out different industries and discover your best fit.

Aside from that unexplainable part of me that just knows I want to be in marketing, I guess what it all boils down to is options.  Marketing truly is a broad field with options to do different things and find my fit!  I know that there is a place for me that will play up my strengths.  Whether you’re creative or analytical, there is a place for you in marketing, as well. Regardless of your interests, hobbies, or passions, marketing is combinable and there will undoubtedly be a way to incorporate that into your career by strategically choosing which industry you go into.


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Katrina Demlow

Indiana University | 4 stories

My name is Katrina Demlow and I’ll be a junior at Indiana University. I’m studying in the Kelley School of Business to get my Marketing degree, as well as a Human Resources minor from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. While on campus, I work at a campus library a few hours each week. Also, I am the VP of Member Relations for an on-campus organization dedicated to volunteering. Aside from that, I love to bake and do crafts! This summer, I’ll be working as a Sales Associate at Ann Taylor Loft and traveling to Oxford, England on a study abroad program!

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  1. Richa says:

    I’m thinking about doing my majors in Marketing…but I haven’t made my choice yet.
    Is there a lot of theory? :/

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