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Why It’s Worth It To Get Up Early When You Travel

Though there are a number of advantages to waking up early when you travel – here are five of them:

When you travel somewhere new, it’s easy to just want to sleep in a few extra hours and lounge in your bed before taking on a new city. Here’s why you should get up!

Galata Tower View

1. Banish jet lag faster

If you have a nasty change in time zones, it’s tempting to keep hitting snooze on your alarm, but if you force yourself to get up and outside, your body will start to adjust from being out in the sunlight. The faster you beat jet lag, the more time you spend enjoying your destination overall.


2. Enjoy a longer and more leisurely breakfast

Getting up earlier gives you more time to sit down and enjoy a meal without the stress of being in a rush to get somewhere on time. Why eat the leftover pretzels from the airplane as you head out the door when you can eat what the locals do instead – and have time to enjoy it?

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia


3. See the sun rise

Sunsets are great, but sunrises are even more magical. There’s just something special about walking through the quiet streets as the sun rises and colors fill the sky, especially when you’re traveling somewhere new.


4. Get better photos without giant crowds of people in the way

The earlier it is, the less likely there will be huge crowds around tourist attractions. In Paris, I stopped at the love locks bridge early in the morning. There were only a few other people around. Without massive crowds, the views were even more spectacular and I didn’t have random people in my photos.


5. Beat tour groups with a shorter lines

When I went to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (a big tourist attraction), I was able to walk right in without waiting in line since I got there early (around 8:30-9:00 am). I only spotted one tour group making their way toward the church at that hour. Within just 30 minutes, a few more tour groups arrived and the quiet, serene church got noisy from tourists talking and snapping photos.

Ally Archer

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Ally Archer is a major girly girl with a huge case of wanderlust. Ally has been to 15 countries in Europe and North America and plans to travel to many more in her lifetime. Her first experience overseas was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where she briefly returned after graduating college to do marketing and tour guiding for a travel company. She believes that if you dream it, you can do it, and to live life with no regrets. You can find her at her travel blog,

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