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Why Join Greek Life?!

I have gained a true support system, memories that will last a lifetime and leadership skills just by joining a sorority.

By Kristina Panettiere, Kean University

I’m sure everyone has been asked the question “what do you like most about college?” Is it the freedom? The parties? The classes? And every time I am asked this question I never hesitate or think twice about my answer. I can sum it up into three simple foreign letters…Delta Phi Epsilon. Those three letters changed my whole college career!

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Before college I swore I would never be a sorority girl. I thought sororities consisted of fake girls who paid for their friends. A.K.A. DRAMA, but I was wrong!  As a freshman at Kean University it was hard to get to know people because the majority of the students who attended the university were commuters. So in order to meet people I knew I had to get involved! By joining Delta Phi Epsilon, I went from not knowing many people on campus to not being able to walk to class without stopping to talk to someone! I met some of the greatest and closest friends I have, not only within my sorority, but throughout Greek Life on campus. I have held three positions within the sorority: risk management, senior programming and Vice President of Recruitment where I have learned to take the role as a leader as well as work effectively with a team.

The sorority not only helped me grow as a person but they also helped me academically! Delta Phi Epsilon holds the highest gpa on campus and if one of our sisters were to fall behind we would hold weekly sessions in the library to help them! There are over 40 active sisters…all with different majors so if someone needed help with a paper, assignment or project there was always at least one sister who knew exactly what to do! I have gained a true support system, memories that will last a lifetime and leadership skills just by joining such an amazing organization! So think of the endless possibilities joining Greek life could have for you!

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Joining Greek life goes way past the college parties and social events. Although those are a plus in a college career, Greek life has more to offer! After graduation students look for full time jobs and by going Greek, students gain great networking opportunities! When I was searching for internships I received many interviews simply because one of my sisters either has worked in the company or is currently working within the company I was applying to. I was recently searching for internships in New York City and one of my sisters sent my resume to her old boss with the highest recommendation! Joining Greek life can open so many doors to new opportunities throughout your college experience as well as after graduation!

It also teaches students how to give back to others. Delta Phi Epsilon is an international community service based sorority  and throughout the past three years as an active sister I was required to participate in at least two service events each month.  Delta Phi Epsilon gives back to many different organizations but we focus specifically on our three philanthropies: Cystic Fibrosis, Anorexia Nervousa and associated disorders (ANAD), and the Delta Phi Epsilon Education fund. Every year we have different fundraisers such as bake sales, and collections to raise awareness and money for each of the causes. Each year we have an event called Deepher Dude, which is a male pageant to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis! Male students throughout the campus are all welcome to participate! There are different categories such as formal wear, swim wear, outfit of choice, talent and question and answer! Each sister makes a different basket which is raffled off! Tickets are five dollars at the door and all the money raised goes to Cystic Fibrosis! It is a fun event where Greek organizations come together and help raise money for a great cause!  Greek life goes beyond the typical stereotypes and  is full of endless possibilities, memories and friendships! It is something that will not only impact your college career but your life!

So that’s why when people ask me what do I like most about college? The answer is simple. DELTA PHI EPSILON… three letters that changed my life and three letters that can change yours! So the next time you hear about a sorority or fraternity on your campus you should check them out because you never know how those three simple letters can change not only your college experience but your life!

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Kristina Panettiere

Kean University | 2 stories

My name is Kristina Panettiere. I am a senior at Kean University with a major in Communication Studies. I am a part of a community service based sorority named Delta Phi Epsilon in which I currently hold the position of Vice President of Recruitment. I am twenty years old and have a passion for helping others. I volunteer at local food banks and nursing homes whenever possible. I am an extrovert and love being around people. I am always up for a challenge and love to travel.

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  1. Shannon Kelly says:

    Great article Kristina! I also had my doubts about greek life, but I’m so glad I made the last minute decision to go through recruitment and join Sigma Kappa.

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