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Why Should Students Study Abroad? #StudyAbroadBecause

Study Abroad is too valuable an experience for only 10% of US Students to participate

One of the best ways to experience cultures is to live it. We asked students to tell us why they studied abroad.  Join the conversation on twitter and help build this mosaic.  Click ‘Add Me’ and tell us why students should study abroad.

Have you studied abroad? Know someone who has? Why should students study abroad? Chime in and let your voice be heard. Click the ADD ME button to add yourself to the #StudyAbroadBecause mosaic.
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What do our Students have to say?

Study Abroad because living in a different country will completely change who you are. Nothing promotes cross-cultural understanding more than making local friends, and your time abroad will most certainly enhance your perspective on global issues. Coming back from a study abroad lets you look at the world around you in a new light, seeing just how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. Study abroad because nothing will impact you more than an international experience. Bethany D, Acadia University Canada.

Study Abroad because there is no better way to learn about people, cultures and societies than experiencing them firsthand! Study Abroad to be open, to be understanding, to be truly global. Ananya B, New York University.

Study abroad because it will challenge every aspect of your being. You’ll start to observe different attitudes, behavior, body language, and values that call into question the way you are predisposed to thinking. You’ll gain perspective and will realize that there are other ways of thinking and behaving and that one way isn’t necessarily right. You’ll find yourself more aware of everyday assumptions, norms, and ideals that you and your peers accept because of the culture you’ve grown up in, and you’ll be able to think critically and challenge unproductive cultural norms and biases. You’ll grow phenomenally and you’ll learn to open your mind to things beyond what you think you know. Katrina D, Indiana University

“Study Abroad because that is where you will learn invaluable lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom. Traveling to another country allowed me to expand my cultural knowledge. Stepping outside of my comfort zone allowed me to create some of my favorite memories and learn some of the most important lessons of my college career.” Hayley G, University of Indianapolis

“Study Abroad because the opportunity to immerse yourself in foreign experiences in a foreign place doesn’t present itself every day. It is an opportunity to learn and grow in unimaginable ways that everyone should seize.” Johanna G, Boston University

“Study abroad because it will teach you that the people of this world, no matter where you go, are unfailingly kind, friendly, and willing to share a smile. Although we may come from different cultures, we are more alike than we think. The human experience binds us all together, and seeing how others experience it throughout the world is truly a beautiful opportunity. I’ll always cherish the international friendships I made while studying abroad, but I’ll also always remember the ordinary people I interacted with on a day-to-day basis. From the waiter at a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Leipzig, Germany who helped my friends and I read the menu, to the taxi driver in Florence who told us about his dream of being an artist, I’ve learned that even the most ordinary people can be extraordinary at heart.” Lindsey Z. Ohio University

“Study abroad because it creates change-makers, it creates disrupters, it creates bold, resilient young people hungry to make a mark on this world. We need more young people to study abroad if we expect this generation to be the one to set humanity on a better course. Through the force of globalization, the future presents both challenge and opportunity – will we rise to the occasion?” Kelsey D. Princeton University

“Study Abroad because you will never have the opportunity to explore the world for a few weeks to a few months at a time with little to no obligation. Besides seeing some of the most magical places on the planet, you will get the call somewhere new home, and there’s nothing better in my opinion than falling in love with another country and their culture. My time in London changed me from the second I stepped off the plane last fall and I am doing everything I possibly can to get a job over there once I graduate this spring! Studying Abroad really opens your eyes and allows you to realize just how big the world is, and how important it is to experience life. Even though I was able to travel to a bunch of different places when I was in London, the place I ultimately fell hard for was England because I was living there for 3 months. That experience is one I will never ever forget and one everyone should experience. It allows you to come back to your home country and appreciate everything you have more but also allows you to want to get back out there and see everything you missed the first time!” Niki K, University of Delaware

“Study abroad, because your positive experiences and interactions will extend far beyond your semester abroad. The development of your global connection and cultural quotient is invaluable, and you’ll view the world around you from a much larger perspective. Study abroad is a gift that never stops giving.” Katie C, University of Dayton

“Study abroad because it completely changes your life. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and into a new world, and you will come back a better version of the person you were when you left. You will come home more educated, more cultured and more aware of yourself and the incredible world you live in.” Caroline E, Lee University

“Study abroad because of what the world has to offer. Go to learn, get to know, and respect all kinda of cultures and people. Go to see as many places as you can because not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Lastly, go to make memories that you’ll never forget.” Gabby M, Hofstra University

“Study abroad because it pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and forces you to grow as a person. It gives you the opportunity to become immersed into a new culture and connect with people from around the world, which allows you to become a better and more well-rounded person. Not only do you begin to get a better understanding of how the world works, but you also start to find yourself as a human being and figure out how you, as an individual, fit into this world.” Nina T, Emory University

‘Study abroad because it allowed me to gain a better understanding of global issues by taking courses in other countries. By interacting in multiple cultures abroad it’s made me more of a global citizen.’  Jessica T, Bucknell University

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