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Why You Should Celebrate Your 21st In Prague

Just because you’re not in the States anymore doesn’t mean your 21st birthday doesn’t matter! Known as one of the cheapest places to visit, Prague offers a crazy night life as well as some amazing historical monuments. There is so much to do and see in a weekend, but I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your trip! If you’re lucky enough to turn 21 abroad, I suggest using your birthday as the excuse to go crazy and explore one of the wildest cities in all of Europe.


One of the most popular dishes in Prague is goulash, which is a hearty stew served with dumplings. Usually seasoned with paprika and other spices, this meal will leave you satisfied. If you’re too busy for a sit down restaurant, there are plenty of delicious sausage stands located throughout Old Town. Czech food is delicious, and filling, so make sure you don’t fill up too early because you’re definitely going to want a trdelnik. A trdelnik is basically a hollowed out churro filled with either Nutella or ice cream, so basically all you could ever want in life. Pieces of dough are wrapped around a metal cylinder which is then roasted over a coal fire. The steaming hot dough is perfect for a chilly day of exploring the town.

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Did you know that beer is cheaper than water in Prague? The only thing that could possibly top that would be self-serving taps at your own table. Welcome to The PUB. With multiple locations across Prague, this restaurant chain has developed a game-changing invention. Each table is assigned a number and given an hour to race other tables in the great sport of beer chugging. Not only is the beer great but so is the food! This is a perfect environment to bring a large group of friends and partake in some drinking games before a night out on the town.




If you enjoyed Prague during the day, you’re going to love the nightlife. From the insane 5-story clubs to hundreds of pubs to underground bars, Prague gives you the complete package for a good time.What probably gives Prague the title of best night life in Europe comes from the fact that Czech’s drink more beer per capita than any other country. So head over to U Sudu, where the beers are equivalent to $1.50 a half liter! Another fun bar to stop by before going out is Krakora aka the puma bar. Only a few feet of wire separate you from the live pumas roaming the bar.

Around 1am people make their ways from the bars and head to the clubs scattered around the city. Lucerna Music Hall is always popping on Friday nights and provides a change up to the music scene by playing 80s and 90s music. Drunk people love nothing more than some good throwbacks so I highly recommend stoping by to sing your heart out to some BackStreet Boys. Karlovy lazne is without a doubt the most recognizable clubs, simply because it is 5 stories and each story has a different genera of music playing. Hidden in the basement, is an ice bar, but chances are you won’t even be able to find it with all the chaos going on. Other fun clubs include Chapeau Rouge, Retro Music Hall, Radost Fx, and ROXY Backstage. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make the walk in the cold from club to club, more power to you, but Uber is a thing here and is insanely cheap!


Day events

The Golden city, known for its gothic architecture surprisingly over the years has become one of the most modern cities in Eastern-Europe. Prague is home to many stores and inventions that we use today including Bata shoes and contact lenses. There is so much to explore in a weekend, but the city is totally walkable and trust me after those meals you’ll want to walk off those calories. Our first day in Prague we started our walking tour in Old Town Square located along the Vltava River. The famous astronomical clock located in the side of the Old Town Hall, with its moving statues, has attracted tourist for the last 600 years. Street performers crowd the street and music fills the air as you walk from Old Town to Charles Bridge. Across the bridge and up the hill lies the Prague Castle, which without a doubt provides the best view of the entire city. St. Vitus’s breathtaking Catherdral hides behind the castle gates. Another stop you’ll have to make is the John Lennon Wall. After the 1980’s the wall became a political focus for Prague youth and to this day is still covered in colorful graffiti. Although the ancient Jewish quarter was closed by the time we arrived, there are six synagogues still standing. During WWII, Hitler speared the city because he believed it was too beautiful to be destroyed. Truly one of the most unique cities in Czech as well as one of the most lively places in Europe.

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The Prague Zoo deserves a whole day to itself. Voted 4th best zoo in the world, it’s no surprise that the zoo is the second largest attraction in Prague after the castle. The newest addition to the zoo family would be the 2-week old baby elephant who hasn’t even been named yet! From polar bears to tigers to flamingos to cheetahs, there is an exhibit for everyone. 14633723_10209296799249820_3190118224161869118_o

If it wasn’t for the extremely hard to learn Southern Slavic language that they speak, Prague would have been my #1 choice for places to study abroad. Sharing my 21st birthday with the lovely ladies I am so fortunate to travel with, was one of my favorite memories of my study abroad experience.

Why you should celebrate your 21st in Prague

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