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Why your Next Trip Should Be Wales

5 Tips for visiting an underrated corner of Europe.

With it’s lush landscapes, beautiful coastlines, and magnificent castles, Wales is truly a must see travel spot. If you’re studying abroad, you need to make your way out of your city and over to Wales. Cardiff, Wales is an underrated city filled with history, eclectic people, and a cozy pub around every corner. Spending only £10 on a bus roundtrip from London to Cardiff,  £40 pounds on two nights in a comfy Hostel (BunkHouse, through Hostel world), it’s an affordable weekend visit for any college student abroad. Here are 6 things to make sure you see when you make your way over to this lovely corner of the UK.

Cardiff Castle

In the midst of Cardiff Castle, you feel like a measly peasant. With it’s monumental size and it’s magnificent architecture, you will feel like you’re on an episode of “Game of Thrones.” The castle is right in the heart of Cardiff,  making it easy to get to. With it’s rich history, a trip to Cardiff wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the castle. Jonathan Drapinski weekend trip to Wales image

Bute Park

Right next door to Cardiff Castle is this beautiful 130 acres park. It formally was the grounds for Cardiff Caste, now a public park for everyone to enjoy. Right after you visit the castle take a stroll through Bute Park.

Jonathan Drapinski weekend trip to Cardiff imageMake sure you see the animal wall when walking over from the castle to the park. This impressive wall houses 15 sculptured animals, and truly is an amazing sight to see.

Penarth Pier 

A nice trip down by the seaside is a must when you’re staying in Cardiff. With only a few stops on the train, you could get from downtown Cardiff to Penarth Pier in less than 30 minutes. Experience Wale’s beautiful coastline, it’s rocky shores, and enjoy a beautiful day at the pier. Penarth Pier is home to several different restaurants where you can eat right outside on the board walk, so you’ll never be missing out on the wonderful view.

Jonathan Drapinski weekend trip to Wales image

Go on a Ghost Tour 

Wales is the land of ruined castles, abandoned buildings and cemeteries that are spookier than any horror film. Go on either the Cardiff Castle ghost tour or the Llandaff ghost walk for a chilling night. These walking tours are only £10 pounds, and are a guaranteed to make your spine shiver.

Experience Downtown Cardiff

Cardiff is not only home to great affordable restaurants, and shops, but also has an eclectic night life scene. The best part about Cardiff is the different pace things go at compared to other capitol cities. Nothing feels rushed in Wales, and the people have an amazing charm and charisma to them different to the rest of U.K. Make sure to experience night a night out at an authentic Welsh pub,

Jonathan Drapinski weekend trip to Wales imageGo off and enjoy the land of the Dragons. Experience the amazing landscapes of Wales, and enjoy the charm of Cardiff. Skip another expensive weekend trip to a typical tourist destination, and find yourself in one of the most underrated corners of Europe.

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