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Why Your Sister Makes the Best Travel Companion

9 Reasons your sister should be your go to travel companion

One of the most difficult parts of planning your dream trip, if you’re not keen on solo travel, is finding someone to make the journey with you. Though if you are lucky enough to have a sister here are some great reasons why she’ll make the best travel companion! After traveling around Europe with my older sister this past summer, I can’t imagine the trip with anyone else.

You’re Parents are More Likely to Say Yes

Most parents are a bit cautious to let their precious child travel halfway across the world for any amount of time. It could take weeks or even months of convincing to get them to approve your dream excursion. However, parents are much more likely to say yes if you add in the fact that your sister will be accompanying you on the journey. Having an additional person they can trust makes it that much easier for them to say yes, as they know there’s another person who will look out for you unconditionally and never leave you alone! Traveling with your sister will definitely make your parents feel more at ease/safer about the trip.

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If you get in an argument it’ll be over quickly

When planning a big trip and then living out your journey, there are going to be countless instances of disagreement, especially if you are with a group. Arguments over where to go for dinner, how much you want to spend on your weekend excursion, and where to stay will most likely pop up on a daily basis, whether they are small scale or large scale. Having your sister as your travel partner ensures that if you get angry about something you’ll get over it quickly! Because she’s your sister and you love her, you won’t take anything she says in an argument personally, and once you finally make a decision you’ll forget the spat even happened!

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It’s easy to share money

Traveling with your sister makes it easy to share money. In the unfortunate case that one of you gets money, your phone, or wallet stolen it is much easier to share these things with your sister rather then friends or study abroad groups. If you run out of cash one day you know your sister will get it for you and you can just get her back the next day (an older sister is like a second ATM ;)). Even being able to share a credit card or debit card and splitting up the costs later adds some extra simplicity to the trip, so you can focus on seeing the world!

You can also share clothes and accessories

When going on a trip abroad, maximizing your packing space is essential, and being able to share certain things with your sister is a huge help! Whether you want to save suitcase space by only packing one set of shampoo and conditioner, or carryon space by sharing going out clothes, being able to share things so easily makes the trip so much better! And if you find the cutest outfit in France or the perfect souvenir in Germany but you have no space left in your case, you can always rely on your sis to let you put it in hers.

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The Photos and Memories will last a lifetime

On the off chance that you fall out of touch with your study abroad/travel friends, you’ll have tons of photos left over. You know your sister will always be there for you so your travel photos will never go out of style and will probably being hanging all around your mom’s house. Traveling with your sister also ensures that at family parties and gatherings she can help answer the unending questions about your travels from eager family members.

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She’ll (have no choice but to) take all your 100’s of solo photos

Of course when you’re traveling you need to get that perfect Instagram photo and the perfect jealousy-inducing Facebook profile picture. Who better to take these countless photo options then your sister? Yes, she may get annoyed with all of your requests to get the angle and lighting right, get some candids, some behind shots, some looking off into the distance pics, but she will always take them for you, and she won’t get mad when you only post one of the 100+ options. Then when you’re done your mini photoshoot you can reciprocate the favor and take some of her. And of course you can take as many selfies together as possible without any judgment.

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She won’t get annoyed if you spend a few nights in

When you’ve been to 4 cities in the past two weeks and you just want to spend a quiet night in your hostel/hotel watching a movie, you can always count on your sister to stay in with you. You can always rely on your sister to ditch a night or two out to spend a night in having a heart to heart, and watching a movie, and you won’t be worried or afraid that she’ll get mad if you just want a night in. Your sister understands that you don’t need to spend every single night out; sometimes late-night Netflix is necessary. Or if you want a night in because you are feeling homesick, she won’t judge you, rather stay in with you and spend the night cheering you up!


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You can go to lesser known cities and attractions because she’ll want to see those places too

When traveling with your sister, you don’t have to worry about saying no to certain major cities or tourist attractions in favor for lesser-known ones, because she’ll be understanding and most likely want to see those places too! Big trips to multiple countries and cities come jam-packed with unexpected problems and glitches. So you might not be able to get bus/train tickets to Munich or Berlin and have to go to Heidelberg instead! You might have to cut your time in London short, and cut out Prague all together, but no matter what problems occur you’re sister won’t be mad or upset, and you can make the most of the places and things you do see!

No Matter what, your sister will always protect you and have your back

She’ll never leave you alone and she will always keep watch over you. You can always count on her to be there in the best and worst travel circumstances, no matter what country or city.

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She’s your longest, closest, and truest friend and memories traveling with your sister will last a lifetime. Dreaming of and planning a trip around the world becomes the sweetest reality when done with your sister! So save your money, call your sister, and plan that once-in-a-lifetime trip, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make! I guarantee those weeks or months will hold some of your favorite memories.


Why Your Sister Makes the Best Travel Companion

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