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Think its just another acronym that your parents will never understand? Like when my mom was so confident that LOL was “lots of love” and I had to break it to her that it was “laughing out loud.” Some say its just the “stupid American” translation for the old Latin phrase, “Carpe Diem.”

Well it does not have to be just another acronym, it can be a new outlook on life.

Y.O.L.O (which stands for “You Only Live Once” for anyone out there like my mom still trying to think about what the letters stand for) has made my summer 2012 a summer to remember.

During the school year, life is so scheduled and it’s hard to just drop everything, book a flight somewhere random or do something spontaneous. The summer unlocks all those chains holding us down, and opens doors to let us Y.O.L.O (and yes I am using it as a verb here).

Here are just a few simple ways to Y.O.L.O and break the chains of everyday routine this summer:

Take the long way home from work to listen to a few more songs on the radio.

Take a walk down a road you’ve never explored.

Talk to the stranger sitting next to you on the train.

Make a summer bucket list of simple things to do and check every one off.

Buy a bunch of snacks, make a great mix CD, grab a few friends and take a spontaneous road trip.

Because in the end, you only do live once.


(*Please YOLO responsibly!)

Meg Powers

George Washington | 4 stories

I am currently a student at George Washington University studying Information Systems and Statistics. I love baking, country music, and recently got the travel bug while studying abroad.

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