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You Know You go to College in Iowa When…

Whether You’re An Iowa Native or Not, Some Stereotypes Are Just True.

1. You Have Plans to Attend at Least One Country Concert Over the Summer.
Country Concerts are a MUST for us Iowans

Country Concerts are a MUST for us Iowans

2. Sometimes You Have to Explain to People Where Iowa is Located.
  1. ctsunset image

    Pretty Much Down a Dirt or Gravel Road…

3. Saying “Hi” to Strangers is Normal.
cthi image
Although Probably Not With This Much Enthusiasm.


4. -30 Degree Weather is Something You’re Familiar With…Unfortunately.
ct4 image
So Cold. All Winter.


5. You Either Have a Love or Hate Relationship With Cornfields.
ctco image
Because Let’s Face it, They’re Everywhere.


6. When You Say You’re Going to the Beach, That Means You’re Going to a Lake With Some Sand by it.
ctbeach image
Lake Life.


7. You Have Attended at Least One Party in an Actual Barn.
ctbus image
Attire: Camo and Flannel.


8. College Sports are Everything Because There Literally are no Professional Sports.
ct8 image
Lets! Go! Cyclones!


9. You Know what “Knee High by the 4th of July,” means.
ctcorn2 image
…Sometimes There’s Not Much Better To Do…


10. You Have At Least One Friend or Relative Who Lives on a Farm.
ct0 image
Farm Life: barns and gravel roads.


11. It’s Not Crazy for the Weather to go from 45 Degrees and Sunny to 15 Degrees and Snowing in One Day.
ct00 image
Let it Snow.


12. People Wear Cowboy Boots, Big Belt Buckles, and Camouflage, Even to Class.
ctcountr image
The Uniform.


13. A Fun Night with Friends is Spent at a Bonfire.
ctbonfire image
There’s Nothing Wrong With a Night Spent Roasting Marshmallows.


14. You Think Pancheros > Chipotle.
ctpanch image
So Much Happiness in One Meal.


15. A Super Exciting Weekend Trip is to Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, or Omaha.
ctchicag image
The Windy City.

Morgan Juraco

Iowa State University | 5 stories

I am a junior studying Journalism, Business, and Spanish at Iowa State University. This semester I am studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where I live with a host family and have plans to travel throughout Europe. After graduation I want to work in Public Relations in New York City. Follow my journey on Twitter: @mejuraco and Instagram: morganjuraco

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