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You Know You Go to College in New York State When…

15 things that all students in New York will understand 

1. You make fun of the people in the south complaining about their 40-degree weather in the winter. The Polar Vortex has got nothin’ on you.

snow polar vortex cold temperature

2. The response you get from saying, “I’m from Upstate New York” follows with “what is there to do in Syracuse?”

mountains upstate snow winter

This is NOT what Syracuse looks like!

3. You know everything about your professors including their car, the name of their pets, where they live, and of course, their kids…

 dog pets teachers

4. Somehow you have never been to the Statue of Liberty, but pretend like you know all about it.

statue of liberty nyc new york city tourist

5. You have experienced all 4 seasons in a matter of days.

winter spring summer fall

6. You knew what a “Guido” was before the reality show, Jersey Shore, ever existed.

 jersey shore guido

7. You have been to a Broadway play more than once.

 hair spray broadway play nyc

8. You aren’t phased by the weird looking people on the subway… even the “show time” enthusiasts.

subway empty

But you would rather it look like this

9. Your daily diet consists of pizza and bagels because nothing else compares to their deliciousness.

 new york bagels

10. Living in a house with more than 8 girls is considered a brothel.

Brothel anyone!?

11. For Greek life, the size of chapters are the size of pledge classes in the south.

sorority greek life

12. Trying to find a school that looked like Hogwarts was an important part of your decision-making process when looking for colleges.

liberal arts college hogwarts london

My friend Kelly exploring her inner Harry Potter

13. Everyone still wears Ugg boots when they are so five years ago.

ugg boots

14. Forget about stepping outside to see if fall has started to bloom yet. Just check your Instagram to see the same colorful tree that everyone posted.

tree fall colors bloom

15. In the winter, you just don’t go to the gym, no one wants to walk outside to watch their sweat turn into icicles, just no.
eat lazy girls night

We would rather be doing this.

Caitlin McConnell

Marist College | 12 stories

Caitlin is a senior at Marist College studying public relations and fashion merchandising. She enjoys being active, shopping and spending time with friends and family. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She has gained valuable experiences through interning at companies such as Seventeen Magazine in New York City and traveling abroad to Florence, Italy for a semester. She fell in love with Europe and dreams of traveling to new places to further explore cultures, languages and traditions!

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