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You know you went to Syracuse University when…

Between the insanely cold weather and the exhausting “work hard, play hard,” lifestyle, it takes a certain breed of person to survive 4 years at Syracuse University…

…and even though there are nearly 20,000 individuals of that breed of person at SU every year, there are a lot of experiences we can all bond over:

1. On parents weekend, you made sure Mom and Dad took you to breakfast at Stella’s Diner or Funk n’ Waffles

Stella's Diner Syracuse University Image

Stella’s Diner, Syracuse

2. Every early morning was made better by a “hey, pretty girl!” from Gertis McDowell on Marshall Street

3. Any bar you frequented was named after someone: Dj’s, Harry’s, Lucy’s, or Chuck’s

4. You might not know anything about sports, but you never missed a basketball tailgate and will forever say you “bleed orange”

Syracuse University Students Image

5. You’ve climbed up to the water tower to take a picture of Syracuse from above

Syracuse University Water Tower Image

Photo by Leslie King

6. You took Nutrition and Human Sexuality, and most likely got an A (even though you never went to class)

7. You spent all your good-weather days partying at castle court

Castle Court Day Drink Syracuse University Image

Castle Court Day Drink, Syracuse University

8. You bought tickets to Juice Jam and Mayfest every year, even if you never made it to the show

9. You own a pair of Sorel snow boots, and you consider them “everyday” wear

10. And lastly, when you were taking a break from having the most amazing 4 years with the best people in the world: you pulled multiple all-nighters, either in Bird Library or a Whitman team room

Nora Horvath

Syracuse University | 4 stories

Nóra Horváth is a senior Magazine Journalism student at Syracuse University. She has studied and lived in both Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic. Learn more about Nóra at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @iamnorahorvath.

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