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You know you’re a College Tourist when…

… you can identify with these situations.

1. The pictures you take and memories you make are worth more than souvenirs.


2. All of your friends ask you to plan their upcoming trip for them. [ can do my friends…]


3. You sew your country’s flag onto your backpack.


4. You are able to spend five days in one of the most expensive cities in the world for under $300.


5. You get slightly over-excited for your next passport stamp.


6. The hostel’s complimentary breakfast means a packed lunch for later with a view.


7. You don’t mind if your laundry hangs out for the neighbors to see.


8. Your beer of choice is only available in a foreign country.


9. You consult Rick on a daily basis.


10. You wear your Chaco tan-lines as a badge of honor. [You earned it!]


11. Your “hump-day” consists of more than just a mid-week pick me up.


12. You pose the same picture in different places around the world.

13. You wear every article of clothing to meet the baggage restrictions for your RyanAir flight.


14. You order beer instead of water when it is cheaper!


15. You realize that the journey is far more important than the destination itself.


Hannah Heine

University of Dayton | 15 stories

Virginia born, Kentucky raised, and Spain living. Currently living in Southern Spain as an English Language Assistant. A graduate of The University of Dayton with dual degrees in Spanish and Public Relations. I fell in love with southern Spain during my semester of study in Seville & before coming back to USA after my studies I decided to circumnavigate the globe for three months. I then went on another 50 day backpack trip and ended up living in Spain! I consider myself a world traveler, videographer, (striving) calligrapher, and blog enthusiast just beginning to scratch the surface of the adventures life has to offer.

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