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You Know You’ve Been Bit By The Travel Bug When…

21 Things Only Travel Addicts Will Understand

1. Your Bucket List of Destinations is Turning into a Book



There’s always room for more!

2. And You Probably Value Passport Stamps More Than Possessions

Passport Image

Who doesn’t want to fill every page?

3. But You Love Collecting Totems from Your Travels

Souvenirs Image

4. You Check the Internet for Cheap Flights in Your Free Time


giphy (1)


Gotta catch all the deals! A cheap flight could decide your destination for you.

5. And You and Your Friends are Always Planning Your Next Trip

giphy (3)

via New Girl

6. Because You Love Learning about Cultures Different than Your Own

Delhi India Image

7. And How About Those Views…

Wadi Rum Image

8. I’m Sure Your Heart is Divided Between Multiple Destinations

giphy (5)


9. Because You Don’t Think Life is Meant to be Lived in One Place

giphy (7)


I want to see the world.

10. And You Could Happily Survive Out of a Suitcase

Suitcase Image

Time to think about a capsule closet?

11. In Fact, You Would Happily Dedicate Your Life’s Savings to Travel

Travel Fund Image

12. Now Can we Dream About all that Delicious Street Food You’ve Tried

giphy (2)


Nothing’s cheaper. Nothing’s better.

13. Because You’re Always Down for an Adventure

giphy (8)



14. You’re a Seeker of Stories, Including Your Own

giphy (9)


15. And Maps Bring You so much Inspiration

Globe Image

Close your eyes and point.

16. You Know Communication is More than Language

Talking Image

A smile can mean everything.

17. But it’s Your Dream to be Bilingual

Arabic Language Image

18. You Live Vicariously Through Books Like On The Road and Eat, Pray, Love

19. And Maybe One Day You will Write a Book of Your Own

giphy (10)


Keep up with that travel journal!

20. So Accept the Travel Bug and Keep on Exploring

giphy (6)


21. Because As They Say…

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

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University of Arkansas | 8 stories

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