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Your Next Destination According to Your Myers-Briggs Personality

It’s always hard to pick and choose your next trip, as there’s so much in the world to see.

But, as we all have different personalities, I’m sure our ideas of vacations can vary, too. Hopefully this list can give you a couple ideas on your future endeavors based on your personality.  Not sure about what your Myers-Briggs personality code says about you?  Click here to find out then see what travel destination could be in store for you.

INTJ: Switzerland
Like the INTJ, the Swiss people are known for their introverted and private personalities. Switzerland offers a nice and peaceful getaway from everyday life.
Point of interest: The city of Geneva

INTP: Czech Republic
The Czechs enjoy having a “live and let live” lifestyle, perfect for the INTP individuals. This country is filled with rich history that will fuel this intellectually curious personality.
Point of interest: The Clementinum and Strahov Monastery

ENTJ: South Korea
Ambitious and strong-willed, South Korea boasts adventure in its lands. The attractions found in this beautiful country will stimulate the ENTJ’s energetic and insightful personality.
Point of interest: Panmunjom

ENTP: Australia
This destination is ideal for the free-spirited ENTP. Australia is filled with vast lands waiting to be explored. Keep an open mind and a friendly personality to find the discover the excitement of the Outback.
Point of interest: The Great Barrier Reef

INFJ: United Kingdom
Breathe in nature’s most beautiful in the UK’s majestic countryside. The independent and private persona of INFJs will enjoy taking in the scenery through leisurely strolls and bike rides around towns.
Point of interest: The Cotswolds



INFP: Iceland
If you ever see any photos of Iceland, you would think that you were staring at a painting. The too-good-to-be-true natural landscapes of Iceland will satisfy any INFP’s idealistic character.
Point of interest: Blue Lagoon

ENFJ: Nepal
Travel to Nepal and you will immediately encounter some of the most welcoming people. This country practically emits peace and spirituality everywhere you go, perfect for an ENFJ’s getaway from their stressful lifestyle.

Point of interest: Patan

ENFP: South Africa
South African’s are notorious for their “live life to the fullest” attitude. With deserted beaches and scenic landscapes, the ENFP will experience a lifetime’s worth of adventures during their visit.
Point of interest: The Wild Coast

ISTJ: Germany
The ISTJ would feel right at home amongst Germany’ play-by-the-rules people. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak in this country’s rich history.
Point of interest: Museum Island in Berlin

ISTP: Israel
In a quest for knowledge and adventure? The ISTP would certainly enjoy a trip to Israel. Ancient cities fill the map of this country, just waiting to be explored.
Point of interest: Jerusalem

ESTJ: The Netherlands
The Netherlands is perfect for the ESTJ’s orderly nature. They’ll love the stunning architectures of the popular Dutch attractions.
Point of interest: Kasteel de Haar

ESTP: Colombia
Bold, sociable, direct. The typical ESTP should make their way to the daring lands of Colombia. There’s so much to see and tons of unknown to explore.
Point of interest: Ciudad Perdida

ISFJ: Myanmar
Named one of the most generous countries in the world, Myanmar and its altruistic people will mesh well with any ISFJ’s personality. An INFJ will enjoy trekking through Myanmar’s temples and meeting the welcoming locals.
Point of interest: Bagan

ISFP: France
The ISFP’s cultured and artistic character will truly appreciate the exquisiteness of this country’s architectural beauty.
Point of interest: Palace of Versailles

ESFJ: Philippines
The Philippines is known for its hospitable people, a nice match for the ESFJ’s persona. The ESFJ will able to explore the country’s natural attractions, while socializing with the friendly locals.
Point of interest: Boracay

ESFP: Brazil
This country should really top every ESFP’s bucket list, as they won’t be able to find a party as exciting and lively as the festivities in Brazil. While they’re here, ESFPs will never get bored, just the way they like it.
Point of interest: Rio Carnival

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  1. Lorenzo vera rubio says:

    This is a good article, I googled the topic as an Infp looking for the best travel destination and this post gave me the best choice. I googled Iceland and started to feel warm and mushy inside. Thank you

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